Young Buck – Where Ya At f. Hell Rell [Full/CDQ]

Or is it Hell Rell featuring Buck? *shrugs… this leaked awhile back with no title and little information. Here’s the CDQ for ya’ll, courtesy of DJ Chew. And Buck… I’m still waiting on that photoshoot to go down.

DOWNLOAD: Young Buck – Where Ya At f. Hell Rell [Full/CDQ]


~ by Shake on March 21, 2009.

15 Responses to “Young Buck – Where Ya At f. Hell Rell [Full/CDQ]”

  1. Buck ripped this shit. damn

  2. looool @ that pic


  4. […] post:  Young Buck – Where Ya At f. Hell Rell [Full/CDQ] Tags: 50 cent, asher-roth, black milk, blu, chuck inglish, convinced, hell rell, […]

  5. who did this beat???? best beat i heard this week 4 sure..

  6. ^^^damn best beat in a week, monumental shit right there

  7. samples swiss rap duo Double Pact..same group Akon sampled for Ghetto

  8. wrong swiss guy.
    Here’s what i meant.

  9. this song so good when the radio rip leaked i was bumping it in the whip so much and i neva listen to radio rips

  10. lol @ drake…dude should give em the “best beat of the week award”

    and rofl @ the pic

  11. Yo they leaked more songs from hes mixtape or album names Are Ruga Rell, D.W.S, Im So Special, One Eight Seven, Young Black & Strapped, Hardest Out (remix) and #1 Movement

  12. yeah its actually on Hell Rell’s album but buck is on the hook so might as well say Young Buck ft Hell Rell

  13. lol at the pic

  14. that picture always cracks me up.

  15. Thats what I’m talking bout. .

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