DJ DviousMindZ Presents Scrambled Eggs Season 1 ep.5

Shout out to Neji for the artwork. Like always i ws just having some fun with this., I don’t think anyone has sampled this song like i did. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section/my myspace @ OR my twitter page @ Thanks for you time and thanks for listening.

DOWNLOAD: Al Green – Wish You Were Here
DOWNLOAD: DJ DviousMindZ – Scrambled Eggs Season 1 ep.5


~ by Meka on March 22, 2009.

9 Responses to “DJ DviousMindZ Presents Scrambled Eggs Season 1 ep.5”

  1. […] original here:  DJ DviousMindZ Presents Scrambled Eggs Season 1 ep.5 Tags: Ace Hood, ant, ayo, bestofbothoffices, blu, brisco, charles hamilton, […]


    I do NOT get why this kid keeps showing up on the blog. I held my tongue for long enough. Anyone who makes beats can tell this kid hasn’t been doin it for very long. He samples everything the same, and he only sample shit thats already been done. What kinda sample-based producer doesn’t dig?!

    Look at the comments, he just keeps gettin less and less love. Somebody left a link for download in the c-section of one of the other dvious posts. His shit was WAY more fire than this b.s.! You need to host some battles. Put their shit up side by side, or give em the same sample or something. It’d be better for the both of them, and then there might actually be some redeeming qualities to all these lame dvious posts.

  3. lol at martin

  4. this is straight garbage

  5. Lol @ dvious whining via twits but not defending himself. I bet you dl’d that other dude’s beats and you know you don’t compare, otherwise you would’ve said… anything. Anyways, I’m gonna keep reposting my “essay” until dude, or someone more deserving than your amateur ass gets some recognition.

    … as for not paying attention to comments… i bet your ass still came back and read this one.

  6. some cats really have no life. lol.

  7. ^^ Funny dude.

  8. lol, i aint the only one hatin. and it looks like you guys are about on par in the “having a life” game.

  9. … because, yes, you did come back. And no, you really havent responded.

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