Mack 10 – So Sharp f. Lil Wayne & Jim Jones

I didn’t really want to dig a picture for any of those three, so enjoy my sneakers instead while I watch “Enter The Dragon.” Props to Mr. X.

DOWNLOAD: Mack 10 – So Sharp f. Lil Wayne & Jim Jones | Mediafire


~ by Meka on March 22, 2009.

35 Responses to “Mack 10 – So Sharp f. Lil Wayne & Jim Jones”

  1. Unluckys > Luckys.

  2. wayne killed this shit, nice

  3. Nice shoes, very nice!

  4. Can I have em? lol

  5. master shake sideshow bon

  6. Damn Meka those kicks are pretty flippin’ sweet. The turquoise/teal at the bottom is a nice touch.

  7. classic film

  8. What channel is enter the dragon on? I’d rather watch that 5x over than listen to this song.

  9. those better not be fake Lucky’s. You did say earlier that you buy bootlegged clothing.

  10. fist of fury is better though

  11. i am downloading this on the strength of ‘nothin but that cavi hit’ alone

  12. hmmm…. might that be a bowling alley seat that your shoe is resting on?!? i’m just hella observant!

  13. they said – Damn man, you lookin like Pac.
    I said – Nah, not alive. Man, I’m lookin like Jones!


  14. Those sneakers are hot!!!

  15. Who’s toes are those?

  16. ahhhh lucky’s

  17. […] the original post here:  Mack 10 – So Sharp f. Lil Wayne & Jim Jones Tags: 1990, a capella, ant, ayo, blu, boyfriend #2, cunninlynguists, Hip […]

  18. Lmao look at my shoe instead hahaha!

  19. hmm nike sb’s

  20. you`re gonna make me pull my Lucky SB`s out the stash.

  21. don’t like the song.

  22. those Lucky’s look suspect!

  23. “they said – Damn man, you lookin like Pac.
    I said – Nah, not alive. Man, I’m lookin like Jones!” – Jim Jones

    DAMN! crazy word play, crooked can learn from lines like that

  24. Jazzy Pha strikes again.. .

  25. track is pretty dope minus most of Jones verses & some of Weezy’s
    I like the hook a lot to

  26. Maybe I’m Missing something if I am please tell me…what’s so good about that I’m lookin like jones line ?

  27. this hook is everything wrong with rap

  28. damn bruh who does your toenails?

  29. haha yadida! i thought he had a train/bus chair in his house!!

  30. haha,you probably walk on your jeans and not on the floor

  31. SHOES ARE WACK!…Something I’ll probably let my lil daughter rock…Grown ass men should never wear gold…Don’t get caught up in the hype…Just cause you think the shoe looked dope on some celebrity doesn’t mean it’ll look dope on you…YOU PLAYED YOURSELF!…Take it off & burn the damn thing…U.G.L.Y you ain’t got no aliby, shit is ugly!

  32. ^what celebrity be wearing luckys?

    fuck up noob you dont know shit about sneakers

  33. cmon Meka, tell us the thruth, are they real or fake? they look pretty fake.

  34. who the fuck still wears sb’s

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