Black Milk Live In Manchester, England (Video)

Courtesy of Joesph:

Being from the Midwest (Milwaukee/Minneapolis) it’s not everyday you get to experience some real hip hop shit while traveling abroad. But last Friday night I got that chance. Black Milk torn the Mint Lounge to pieces in Manchester, with a packed crowd that wouldn’t stop giving back the energy. Elzhi was supposed to be there too, but because of flight complications, couldn’t make it. But Black made due with the circumstances. See for yourself in this video I put together of some highlights.


~ by Meka on March 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Black Milk Live In Manchester, England (Video)”

  1. gonna see that dude and elzhi on wednesday here in berlin! going to be e dope night!

  2. Man that Long Story Short beat goes so fuckin hard…

    Especially those drums…

  3. on thursday black milk elzhi and big shug with terminalogy gonna be in duisburg…i have to be there…what do you think?

  4. any1 got all the names of these trax he’s performing??

  5. 1st song was “long story short”…sick ass song…..i also recognized “the matrix” which fts. pharoah monch, sean p, and primo….both off his album Tronic….

  6. […] is the original: Black Milk Live In Manchester, England (Video) Tags: a capella, ali, be on you, bestofbothoffices, digiwaxx, dr. dre, freestyle, glc, […]

  7. Fucking wish i coulda made it…

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