Charles Hamilton vs YN pt.2 (Video)

Part 2 of Elliot Wilson’s talk with Charles Hamilton. He speaks on Rhymefest, Soulja Boy, KiD CuDi, Asher Roth and more. RapRadar!

PREVIOUS: Charles Hamilton vs YN pt.1 (Video)


~ by Shake on March 23, 2009.

10 Responses to “Charles Hamilton vs YN pt.2 (Video)”

  1. Charles Charles u said it yourself in RHYMEFETS diss ” supersonic ” and on GREEN LANTERN FREESTYLE TYPE IT IN YOUTUBE

  2. haha good interview and lmao at 6:34 – 7:04

  3. God I hate this kid…

  4. word good thing you watched it then if you hate him

  5. good interview

  6. I was hoping he could explain himself trying to diss Rhymefest at his own show.I guess he doesn’t have one.Therefore he deserved to get skewered in Fest’s “Supersonic”.Peep the parallels to another Hip Hop(?) beef.
    Ross – took shot at 50cent.
    50 cent – is making Ross’ life miserable
    Ross – rebuttals the shit shower by saying”What has 50 done 4 the community/I ain’t thinking about him/It’s deeper than rap.”..smh

    Charles – dissed Fest
    Fest – crushes him verbally and explains why in interviews.
    Charles – now it’s”I ain’t thinking about that n*gga”….smh

    The parallels are kinda ill,when you look at it.Cats looove to start beef,then go scrambling for a decent umbrella to get outta the shitstorm they created. Don’t get me wrong..I think Charles is a creative young brother.He just hopped in the deep end,when he shoulda been in the shallow part…with floaties on.

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  9. once again dude spit some real talk about the industry

  10. wassup

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