Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me (prod. King Tech) [Full/CDQ]

Last week, MTV premiered a snippet of this King Tech produced record. Now I’ve got the CDQ for ya’ll. This definitely goes up with one of my favorite Crook songs of all time. And for the record, this won’t be on B.O.S.S., it’s off a totally different project in which I’ll reveal details about later on. West!

DOWNLOAD: Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me (prod. King Tech) | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 23, 2009.

32 Responses to “Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me (prod. King Tech) [Full/CDQ]”

  1. I loved the snippet..I’m gone be bumpin’ this now. Thanks, man!

  2. officially in my top 3 crooked songs EVER!

  3. wow just incredible

  4. WEST !


    damn !

  5. *at a loss for words*

    This is straight crack !!!
    Crooked I is simply dope……

  6. shake u might as well shut down the whole site
    get us more crooked i shit shake
    this shit is incredible

  7. dickrider

  8. OH SNAPP! This shit goes HARD. Crooked I is a BEAST.

  9. hellyeah is a cocksucker

  10. song is dope, highly anticipating b.o.s.s.

  11. yea. it’s unfortunate that idiotboxes like you have tried and tried to make any form of positive commentary slide into the dickriding column. smh… same goes for any negative shit spoken = hater!

    quit trying so hard.

  12. This song is sick !! No doubt Crooked is crazy Nice.

  13. this is my shit! WOW!!

  14. this is game-changing shit right here.

  15. ^ not really…its a dope track no doubt, but nothing that hasn’t already been said. i like it, but i need more than rappers making tracks about other rappers needing to make tracks about real shit. make tracks that ARE about real shit. don’t tell me, show me.

    still a good track; see brother ali’s verse on 2nd Time Around too.

  16. Kills it all, so fucking dope!

  17. ^^he’s not talkin about other rappers needing to make real shit so what’s your point?

  18. Woah this song is really dope…

  19. […] more here: Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me (prod. King Tech) [Full/CDQ] Tags: 2009, 2dopeboyz, 50 cent, Ace Hood, ant, asher-roth, cdq, chillin, convinced, crooked i, […]



  21. I just gotta say one thing… if you dont like this song… you shouldnt even listen to hip-hop/rap….

  22. Really, Crooked sounds focused like crazy. Not only is his flow insane but there’s a new passion in his voice. Favorite Crooked SONG I’ve heard in years – freestyles don’t count. This shit bangs from the verses to the chorus.

  23. wow…this is dope…

  24. One HELL of a lyricist, this track is insane on so many levels.

  25. he doesn’t explicitly say “rappers need to spit real shit”…but the track itself is basically stating the status quo of hip-hop so essentially he is talking about other rappers as well. He’s sayin he’s gonna take it back to hip-hops golden years, so obviously he means we’re not in any kind of golden age now.

    Crooked I is ill and so is this track (this track devours & defecates 98% of all albums dropped w/in the last month: BALLIN’!), don’t get me twisted, but my point is that this track isn’t “game changing”. Its like the difference between writing a declaration of independence and actually fighting for it.

  26. I understand what you’re saying. It’s one thing to provide commentary and then start spitting the difference…this is the proper step but the subject matter needs to shift elsewhere.

  27. man who knew king tech can make beats like this? wholeyyy shitt what else does he got! him and crroked should do an album man.. im into the hard guitar riffs and stuff like that . keep that cheesey shit away from me!!!!! eddie5000

  28. Crook definitely the best rapper alive! I’m really loving this a lot & I agree he bodied this! By far the best song to drop this year! Can’t wait for this project as well as B.O.S.S.

  29. hardest shit ive heard in a minute from anyone


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  32. are you serious?! this ISN’T gonna be on B.O.S.S??

    wow… this just makes me wonder how amazing B.O.S.S will be..

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