Keri Hilson – Knock You Down f. Kanye West & Ne-Yo (Video)

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Kanye & Keri get together for another video. This time Ne-Yo joins in. Dopeboyz… how mad are you!?! Kanye’s verse is fuckin’ ill. I remember when the song leaked and 981025 people sent it like we actually didn’t have it to post. Politics are a bitch sometimes huh?

Thumbs up at 1:26.


~ by Shake on March 23, 2009.

51 Responses to “Keri Hilson – Knock You Down f. Kanye West & Ne-Yo (Video)”

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  2. kanye west looks like kid cudi in this vid

  3. haha shake dont even worry about the politics of this shit because you STILL run the game

    this song is dope as fuck by the way..gonna be way bigger than that turnin me on bullshit

  4. YE IS BACK THANK GOD! too bad i have to skip through all this other just to get to his ill verse

  5. video of the year by the way..this shit is ILL.

  6. u know whats funny 1:26 was a the shot that caught my attention also……lol

  7. definitely the best ye verse in forever, now if he can channel that to his next album, i might go back to actually coppin his albums like once upon a time
    and imo keris aight but way overrated. i just never got down with that short hair shit (except with ol girl from the jamie foxx show lol)

  8. Ye is a beast

  9. nice song.

  10. i would fuck keri hilson in front of my family.

  11. lol at the Keri Hison MJ pose.

  12. yeah, Kanye delivered a verse that makes me wanna go back and quote some shit …

  13. Really loving this video a lot with all the visuals & stuff! This is definitely my favorite song of the ones I heard so far! But I still haven’t heard the whole album to though & can’t wait to cop it tomorrow! Good to see Kanye back to his normal rapping again now to & this video should definitely help the song rise up the charts to! Keri looking real beautiful & nice up in this video to I like all the different looks!

  14. man fuck kanye…. lol nah he killed this shit. and that bitch keri OUCH! that shit is on fire.

  15. The video is pretty damn good, so is the song

  16. 2 thumbs WAY UP AT 1:26 MMMM HMMMM

  17. ahh kanyes back. this, and his verse on flight school are definately 2 of his best.

  18. If 1:26 and 1:44 wasn’t enough for this video to be BIG already (between the male population), you have the whole video filled with details… the storyline, the gestures, Keri’s fuckin beautiful smile!!, Kanye breaking into pieces, shout out to “Miss independent”,damn, even touching each other faces… (no homo, girls will find that cute, lol) If Kanye and Keri are not fucking already, they must be really professional! lol

    About the song, it’s a HIT; beat is exciting, all delivered!
    smh @ people reacting as if Kanye ever lost his rapping talent. Why on Earth people expected a POP album to please their RAP wishes?! All features Kanye been doin lately are great (Walkin on the moon, Maybach music, and another one where he mentions Kardashian…)

  19. co-sign the dude above me 100%
    SMH @ the fools who actually thought Kanye fell off because of 808’s which was still a dope ass album. His next album (good ass job??) will be his best release to date. Kanye is getting better with time.

  20. I’m sorry but I didn’t listen to the song at all…nope I didn’t even acknowledge the Ye’ verse. Strictly watching the visuals.

  21. i would fuck keri hilson in front of my family.



  22. yeah to be honest i played this shit twice…
    the first time i was all smiles thinkin of the things i would do to her
    and the second time i was paying more attention to the subject bcuz this shit is new to me and its crack as fuck
    Ne-Yo wasnt bad

  23. i like this shit, keri hilson looked fly as hell!



  25. the ye verse is legit, but man ne-yo does his thing on every song. and keri hilson looks even more beautiful in concert. shes blowin up this year big. like mjb big.

  26. i never said kanye fell off. 808s is one of my favorite albums.
    im just sayin he stepped his game up since the last time we really heard him rapping (without autotune. his Put On verse was still sick though)

  27. yea i like everything about this joint

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  29. Too FINE!!!
    Shake should have made a still at 1:43, 1:26 works as well
    LOL @ 1:44 Ye’s face is comedy! Reminds me of wanda from “In living color!” Hahahaha

  30. okay now keri is hands down on top of my lists but dope video and kanye and neyo did their thing. Ye’ back to rapping makes any track he jumps on like a must listen to he really is stepping it up lyrically still and always was my fav. and neyo just makes this song that much hotter legit

  31. Daaaaaaaayyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmnnnn 1:26 1:26 1:26!!! lol..

  32. I dont think I can type the things I would do to miss Hilson
    just understand during an invasion of her, there will be no pulling out

  33. kanye is nice and all.. but “im the new slick rick”??? c’mon now man.. slick rick was one of a kind… and that goes beyond music.

  34. whoa this song just came out and someone remixed it…its not bad either..

  35. After 3:02… Kanye looks more like Nas… Kid Cudi what the heck!?

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  37. 1:44 look at kanye doin the chris brown lol

  38. i would fuck keri hilson in front of my family.

    m. said this on March 23, 2009 at 6:05 pm

  39. kanye’s verse in GLC’s flight school >>>>> his verse here

  40. Fuck that, Kanye did fall off. 808’s was wack. Just because it’s “different” doesn’t mean it’s dope. Just because you don’t understand’em doesn’t mean that he’s nice (c) Jay.

    Anyway, this video is great. Keri’s looking ridiculous.

  41. Dope vid. Cheers shake…

  42. cannon and senseiscommon make excellent points.

    also, i bet keri hilson would be able 2 knock kanye out hahahha

  43. […] [via 2 Dopeboyz] […]

  44. YE IS BACK THANK GOD! too bad i have to skip through all this other just to get to his ill verse
    Gmonroe said this on March 23, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    *idk bro.
    it sounds like that nigga Wayne wrote Ye’s verse.
    maybe it’s just me.

    and yes, i would fuck Keri Hilson not only in front
    of my family,
    bur also her family.
    shit i’d fuck her on ABC family.

    —a dying metaphor—

  45. “i would fuck keri hilson in front of my family.”

    funniest comment ever!

    oh, and she is fiiiiiiiit! and ye kills it… yes!

  46. Keri looks almost like TAMI CHYNN in her new video Frozen ft Akon


    haha the 2nd generation of the dynasty. its the rock!

  48. keri could get it.

    and its damn good to here ye back at it.

    did i say keri hilson could get it?

  49. 2:07, keri hilson……could. get it.

  50. Keri is bad as fuck!!!! she could get that premarital pipe any day!!! Words just can’t explain how sexy she is. Ne-Yo did his thing on this one.. Kanye definitely shitted on that verse, and to those who say he’s “back” he never said he left hip-hop he did a damn side project and people act like he said he’d never do hip-hop again, he did plenty of rapping on features after 808’s (Therapy, Digital Girl, Walkin On the Moon etc.) and now this? He did some serious damage to that verse, and I’m feeling this joint alot, it definitely has hit potential!

  51. i was kinda expecting a “mini fade” between Ye and Ne-Yo at the end of the video lol. nd the pink yeezy’s are so ill! also, i almost forgot the kanye was this good of a rapper…

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