Se7en – Girls f. Lil Kim (Video)

The crazy thing is, I remember reading about this guy Se7en maybe two years ago, and I heard he was a major deal in Japan Korea. Props to DJ DM.


~ by Meka on March 23, 2009.

24 Responses to “Se7en – Girls f. Lil Kim (Video)”

  1. wow… first jin ruined any chance for asian rappers to be taken seriously… and now se7en is gonna make it even harder for my people to break out in this entertainment industry… i mean im glad a fellow korean is debuting in the US… but not like this… he still sounds like a fob lol… at least it will make some good laughs..

    on a sidenote: korea>japan baseball dont mean shit hah

  2. why is hearing about se7en a couple years ago a “crazy thing”?

    and why did you post this garbage? everything about it is wack.

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  5. track is kinda dope..korea doin big things lol

  6. lil kim is scary

  7. nothing wrong wit the sound of this gon yall just racist lol btw i am black! lol i was gona say lil kim wasnt the right girl for the track but then i heard the spin on his hook girls i do adore so i see the link now, do yo thang se7en

    i agree visually it seems unusual kus hes asian but so what we got a black president, follow ya dream do ya thing!

  8. Damn didn’t think a korean artist would be posted on this website. Big ups to se7en shit i even listen to his korean music

  9. when i saw this i had a blank stare because of lil kim. mad ew, b.

  10. lil kim is the best this dude can get?

  11. ^^^
    – – – – – – – – – Also
    as for the video…its aight..i guess lol

  12. Crap

  13. How has no one pointed out that this dude blatantly stole his name from that weird ass producer dude that used to do all of Ja Rule and Ashanti’s production?

  14. He’s been going as seven for a good minute now in korea.. I know my comment may have been hateful or whatever but I’m actually proud that a fellow korean is doing it in the usa.. I just wish koreas debut in the american music industry would have been better cause this kind of shit is just gonna make it harder for a korean artist such as myself to breakthrough imo

  15. got rice is the only good asian rap.

    also, ripping off the movie se7en is whack

  16. john cho is that you?!?!

  17. if u wanna hear a dope korean artist, check out snacky chan out of boston….underground rapper, been on songs with reks, c-ray walz, etc….

  18. Thank you for posting an Asian artist trying to break out here. This is a HUGE step for Se7en…don’t worry though, you’re going to see more like him who are Bigger and Defer. Ha, people still say that?

    You should post BoA and Sean Garrett’s “I Did it for Love,” shit’s hot (as in, get me off hot, nevermind Sean’s voice/face).

    Or for hip-hop, try Far-East Movement or Epik High…

    Props, AZN PRIDE

  19. damn, never thought i’d see a korean artist on this blog. it’s a real big look for seven. he’s been doing this thing for a minute in korea.
    as Proper said before, as a korean, i’m proud and happy to see this happening, but i agree that this isn’t strong enough. beat and lyrics are weak, as is the marketing. Boa is another singer from Korea who just released her debut album a few days ago here in the US, and it’s probably a LOT better. plus, she’s a cutie ;).

    we got a plethora of talented korean-AMERICAN hip-hop artists who have the real potential to break the ice: flowsik, chan, lyricks, manifest and shogunna just to name a few. you should get on that 2DB!

  20. YESSS!!! Promo for my dude Se7en! I’m Black and I listen to Korean and Japanese music. Se7en is definitely the BIGGEST thing in Korea matter of fact Asia. Him and Rain ( I guess Boa..I don’t like her) who is releasing an album later this year. So yeah he is gonna take the US by storm. Anyway people be open minded (eh hem no racist comments!) I have all of Se7en’s albums ever since his debut (in 02? 04?) so I’ve heard the best of this guy. This is iight but Se7en has a lot more to bring. Plus the original song had Fabolous on the hook. Anyway, check out his Three 6 Mafia song. Its wassup.

    btw I saw that Baseball game! lol.

  21. quint knows whats up.. flowsik flows sickkk haha

  22. damn didn’t know people be listening to Asian music on this site. HIT ME UP!

  23. Wally I got cha on the Asian music! lol. Check out my dudez Teriyaki Boyz. Their Japanese and I think their signed to BAPE Records (If not Bape, Pharell’s label). Anyway, their pretty good plus my homiE from M-Flo (VERBAL!!!!) is in TB. Yeah…

  24. haha i’m not that into teriyaki boyz, but do you like epik high? they’re pretty nice, i wish they’d do an english album

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