Big Kuntry – I Do f. Young Dro & T.I.

Before he hits the big house, Clifford (alongside  Dro) hop on a track for Big Kuntry. I’ve got one question (and it’s really a statement)… I need names ^^. Now. Shouts to Gotty on the linkage.

DOWNLOAD: Big Kuntry – I Do f. Young Dro & T.I. | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 24, 2009.

18 Responses to “Big Kuntry – I Do f. Young Dro & T.I.”

  1. The last one on the right….damn

  2. co-sign^^

  3. does anyone else agree that grand hustle has one of, if not, the best roster in hip hop right now?

  4. ^im pretty sure no1 else will agree

  5. DRO>TI



  6. who has a better roster than? i’m not tryna start anything, i’m just wondering.

  7. Shit was kind of straight but could have been better! Not really a fan of Big Kuntry though more of a T.I. & Dro fan! And word I need names on these chicks to & agree they all real fine but the one to the end right is the dopest!

  8. […] here to see the original:  Big Kuntry – I Do f. Young Dro & T.I. Tags: 2009, bestofbothoffices, big kuntry, charles hamilton, contest, convinced, dr. dre, drunk, […]

  9. Of course the Roc or Def Jam w/ Jadakiss, Fab, Luda, Jay-Z, Kanye West. But for the south they got the overall team though.

  10. a better roster? g.o.o.d. music …

  11. Rap-A-Lot > Grand Hustle

  12. a better roster? g.o.o.d. music …


    co-sign… GOOD Music > Grand Hustle

  13. if kanye wasn’t on that 808s bullshit, then i could agree with GOOD music. and ya’ll can’t say def jam, cause grand hustle is under atlantic, so that’s not fair. and the roc’s roster is not as good as grand hustle’s.

  14. ^^^

    Rhymesayers, QN5, Duck Down…

  15. QN5, easily.

  16. RSE, QN5, DefJux

  17. Stones Throw.

  18. Shady Aftermath.

    go ahead, start arguing now. we’ll finish the debate after this year’s fourth quarter.

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