L.A.U.S.D. Presents: Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets (Mixtape)


This extra dope West Coast mixtape features everybody and their moms from this side of the planet backed by the production team of L4 a/k/a Lazy Lous and Polyester the Saint. If the title alone doesn’t get youse true 80s babies reminiscing about the good ol’ high school days, then the music certainly will. Tracklist & link under the cut.



DOWNLOAD: L.A.U.S.D. Presents: Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets (Mixtape)


~ by Meka on March 24, 2009.

38 Responses to “L.A.U.S.D. Presents: Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets (Mixtape)”

  1. dope!

  2. dope

  3. I’ve been hella waiting on this. Yo, does anyone know if the Diz Gibran x Crooks & Castles mixtape is dropping today too?

  4. good day for LA hip hop

  5. dope.

  6. not familiar with many artists on here, but ill check it out.

  7. Yessir…Thanks 2Dope & L.A.U.S.D reposting…

  8. This just made my day…

  9. no namers…

  10. ^^^^^^the fuck are you?

  11. I didn’t like it for a few reasons, 1. I am not black 2. Did not go to high school in the inner city 3. I’m not black 4. Never wore high tops 5. Did not go to high school in 1986

  12. nautica jackets was the shit!

  13. good stuff…glad to be apart of this tape….

  14. great concept

  15. Is “We Made it 09” over Ghostface’s “We Made it” off Supreme??if so i’m dloading this asap…

  16. My god this is dope.

  17. “I didn’t like it for a few reasons, 1. I am not black 2. Did not go to high school in the inner city 3. I’m not black 4. Never wore high tops 5. Did not go to high school in 1986”


    The only way you could not like this album is if you did not grow up in inner city L.A. It has nothing to do with race, because HAMI, westchester, pali high, uni, laces, bernards all had some type of diversity and everybody was rockin the same clothing essentially and listening to the same music. By the way, this is for class of 1995 through class of 2002, not class of 1986. that was for the last generation.

    Bottom line… this shit knock from beginning to end and encapsulates true nostalgia of the west coast scene with fresh talent for the NOW… gotta lov it mayne!

  18. Man I went to school in the IE, graduated in 98. I can totally relate. Great concept!

  19. CHATSWORTH HIGH CLASS OF 99!! 818 NUKKUH!! we started the Nautica Sport & EB Tech shit…Gap Sweatshirt and Boss Jeans….shout outs to Poly & LV….

    this tape is the bizness!

  20. aww man… Nautica, Eddie Bauer, Polo, Clark’s Wallabees, Khaki’s even the Nautica and Polo shoes that look like Vans…then to Tommy Hilfiger haha damn memories…

  21. […] more here: L.A.U.S.D. Presents: Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets (Mixtape) Tags: (2)Dope, 6th sense, ant, cdq, crooked i, drunk, eminem, freestyle, Hip […]

  22. Bernards Class of 99 on mine. What you know about sliding on the nautica jacket and flipping the uniform collar up on half days and rolling to St. Mary’s or Norte Dame waiting for your homegirls to get out of class

  23. Westchester high class of 98 brah…so u know i HAD to be on this project ha!
    shouts out to LAUSD, and everyone who helped this project come together…

  24. FYI: they didnt pick Nautica, like it was a better brand than polo, tommy, etc…they picked Nautica jackets cause that was a mainstay in LA culture back then…hip hop culture, shieett check “can it be all so simple” etc…

    nautica jackets, polo deck shoes, eddie bauer, tommy shirts, i could go on and on…

  25. crazydope.

  26. @ El Prez. “Today’s my day” is my pick for a heater on this album. Good lookin

  27. huh?

    can i just like it for being good music? or should i just not bother?

  28. I’m a LIL older than most y’all cats Banning C/O ’92. We helped start the trend heard thruout this cd when Westcoast gangsta rap was in full motion. I’m from the Girbaud and Timb’s era. But playin ball we jocks all rocked flipflops and sweats mostly; still fresh ta def. Most of Y’all were in middle school then. On another note, this Mixtape is piff! This’ll catch some Exec’s ear. Thanks for the upload.

  29. halle-loo-jah

  30. Serra High c/o ’97!!! Brings bacc memories of rockin’ Eddie Bauer and dockers rollin to the st. mary’s dances lol

    But on a hip-hop tip this is pretty damn dope all the way thru. Glad to see west coast hip-hop shining.

  31. iFeel may be the illest track on here …

    Miss Jack Davey needs to be heard!

  32. Yo i was Loyola High c/o 97 and i know all about this fashion trend…i was at all the marys, notre dame, LACES, Hami parties…Westchester kickbacks, etc…and if u wasn’t rockin all that type of gear…chicks were not checkin for u…and u wasn’t wearin the canvas deck shoes (various brands) timbs or polo boots…I hope u had sum fly J’s or Penny’s on…

    and as far as this project…DOPENESS, shout outs to all the folks on it…I’ll FCC ya’ll later, YUUUUUUUUPPPP

  33. We had the original Chronic cd in my high school days. This is Chronic part 2 IMO.

  34. […] March 24, 2009 · No Comments Travel with me.   I just downloaded a new mixtape called L.A.U.S.D. Presents: Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets (Mixtape). […]

  35. glad i googled this, somehow i missed it. ‘it’s not right’ has been in constant rotation.

  36. […] who produced “Starter Jackets” and “We Made It ‘09″ on the (2)dope L.A.U.S.D. mixtape just shot over this concept instrumental mixtape. Let me let him explain it… This project is […]

  37. […] I can listen to almost any rapper, no matter how awful as long as the production is anything near good. And I suppose that’s my biggest problem with a great deal of hip hop now – even Mos Def will go over some half assed beats – in my humble opinion at least. And really, if you’re that talented, you should probably make sure the tracks are all above boards. Perhaps, though, this just points to me being out of touch with whatever passes for good hip hop today. Blu – who I can’t keep from writing about – is poised to get famous in about five minutes and pretty much everything he does is golden. But all of that brings us to the LAUSD mix tape Curly Tops and Nautica Jackets. […]

  38. […] who produced “Starter Jackets” and “We Made It ‘09″ on the (2)dope L.A.U.S.D. mixtape just shot over this concept instrumental mixtape. Let me let him explain it… This project is […]

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