Lily Allen – Not Fair (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

New video for Lily Allen’s ode to you dopeboyz out there that aren’t handling things in the bedroom second single off It’s Not Me, It’s You, which is in stores now!


~ by Shake on March 24, 2009.

19 Responses to “Lily Allen – Not Fair (Video)”

  1. lily allen’s accent >>>

  2. LOL this is goat but a bit of a random post? This is pop music. But I’m not complaining, good music is good music.

  3. ooo sh*t…this is real??? i thought this was some youtube funny prank type stuff lol

  4. I’ve always liked Miss allen.

  5. “LOL this is goat but a bit of a random post? This is pop music. But I’m not complaining, good music is good music.”

    ive been posting lily allen on here. so not really random in any sense.

  6. Henceforth dudes throughout the ages will be all worried when they’re chilling at their girl’s house waiting for her to get ready, she’s playing her ipod and this song comes on..and she knows all the lyrics lol

  7. did she just say “i spent ages givin head”


  8. Anyone else grab her album?
    Lily Allen would get it three times daily

  9. My favourite track on the album, nice post Shake

  10. “Lily Allen would get it three times daily”
    FACT!! Ms. Allen is a bad ass chick.

  11. Yeah I Got Her Album I Like The “Chinese” Song. This Video Is Definitely Original.

  12. i like lily allen.

    Keep postin this. These kids need to be enlightened every now and then

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  14. This was on my favorite tracks on the Lily Allen joint. Very comical too. I wrote a full review of this album when it dropped.

    “Not Fair” where Lily discusses her erotic endeavors in a humorous rhetoric about the “satisfaction” or lack thereof from her male partner and how it never matches her awesome efforts. Pause for the chuckle. I mean, how couldn’t you crack a smile when the entire layout of the topic is easily laughable, especially when laced over a modernized bluegrass production. Yes. I said bluegrass. Exactly. Nuff Said.

    Read the rest of the review here:

    -Young Son, Hip Hop Dreamer

    Freelance Journalist

  15. […] Allen – Not Fair (Video) Collected by youngsonmusic 00 mins ago from // Event.onDOMReady(function() { // sizeText($(‘video_title’), 475); // }) collect this […]

  16. Well, what do you know, Young Son over here! 😉 What up fam?
    I love playin this song for a friend that never heard it before and everytime he/she goes like “did she just say…?!?!?” :p it’s fuckin hilarious!
    She’s a real singer, lyricist and crazy beautiful woman!
    @Shake, props for daring to post this and being open minded!

  17. Yo! What’s good FredRico!

    Yeah. Lily Allen has been on it for a minute!

    She made me fall in love with Euro girls (after my first crush got all cracked out…lol)

  18. lol@ lack of boyzz that are dope in bed. the song needed to be sung. love the fact that it’s a brit girl doin’ a country inspired song.

    2 cents

  19. I enjoyed her first album didn’t hear the new one yet. They did a good job of having the video look vintage.

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