Naledge – Naledge in the House

The Kidz in the Hall spitter jumps on, what seems to be, everyone’s favorite Nipsey Hu$$le joint (not mine). Shouts to FSD for the linkage. Also check out an interview they had with KiWiBox under the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Naledge – Naledge in the House


~ by the ghost of shake on March 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Naledge – Naledge in the House”

  1. so do we refer to you as shake still.

    naledge goes in

    “i’m throwin’ your rent money at a sexy asssss”

  2. For REALLL!!! Its a good trackk but come on dudes already got tracks like “Strapped”… Which I can’t find ANYWHERE but as a video! Errr… If you guys have it here, a post would be much appreciated just to show these NEW Nipsey fans the deal!

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