Random Acts Of Fuckery: Skateboard P Edition

Good lord, Skateboard P. Their Big Macs aren’t all that great to begin with. SMH.


~ by Meka on March 24, 2009.

33 Responses to “Random Acts Of Fuckery: Skateboard P Edition”

  1. haha that shit is hilarious. they straight called the cops on him for that? i guess it was in Paris and they’re not used to that shit or something.

  2. wtf…lol…you would think that if you got enough money you could get a big mac for breakfast

  3. Thats why Miccy D’s SUCKS! Jack in tha Crack all the way!

  4. lol. P just pulled an eddie murphy moment

  5. gotta be the nicest MCDs i’ve ever seen.

  6. zooted.

  7. lol whatta fool

  8. lol at dis.

  9. it’s all about that In N Out Burger.

  10. haha he got so sad at the end

  11. This is fuckin hilarious. Honey was coooooold.

  12. Seems like an attempt to create an online viral campaign to promote Mcdonalds. Not a bad idea considering we’re all sitting here talking about it.

    I definitely bet P got cut a check for this shit.


  13. No Royale with cheese? Dirty frogs. They don’t need McD’s they need deodorant. He should of pulled put a stack and bent that broad over the deep frier & taped that shit.

  14. damnnnn America was realllly close to making weed legal but thanks to Pharrell its goin to take longer

  15. […] post:  Random Acts Of Fuckery: Skateboard P Edition Tags: 2dopeboyz, ali, bestofbothoffices, consequence, convinced, crime pays, dr. dre, exclusive, […]

  16. Why? SPAZ in mc d’s!!!!!!!!!

  17. i want whatever hes smoking on

  18. that was funny

  19. lmao at :40. this nigga’s wildin’

  20. yezzir

  21. pharrel is scary … i wouldve called the security on those moves…

  22. homeboy straight just smoked a blunt and was very excited and just couldnt hide it. Not gonna lie ive danced while waiting for food still.

  23. sometimes you just gotta spaz to keep from going crazy. i’ve been there before.

  24. I have no idea what I just watched.

  25. “Hey where you goin?”


  26. BigMacFiletofFishQuarterPounderFrenchFrieIceyCokeMilkShakeSundae and Apple Pie.


  28. UMMM what is this MC donalds place you all speak of? The only burger place that matters is N n OUT!!

  29. haha cot damn… but is he rockin with an ipod? j/k

  30. that nigga was blazed!

  31. someone should’ve called the fire department, cause those dance moves are FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIREEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  32. Oh wow @ :24

    P doin the most right there lol.

  33. haha this shit is funny
    P is dope for that performance

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