Redman & Method Man – City Lights f. UGK

Do I really have to comment on this? Just look at the headline. Two of my favorite duos to ever do it, together. Big shouts to BoBo!

DOWNLOAD: Redman & Method Man – City Lights f. UGK | Mediafire


~ by Shake on March 24, 2009.

29 Responses to “Redman & Method Man – City Lights f. UGK”

  1. Hot Sauce

  2. This shitt is so fuckin’ dope.
    Definitely a banger, going on the iPod playlist for the whip.

  3. Redman on autotune??? Never thought I would hear that but still dope

  4. love how they use a Pimp C sample to keep it a UGK feature, just hope it doesnt become the norm

  5. te fact they putting out music makes me think blackout 2 may come out sooner than expected

  6. shake i appreciate what ur doing… but i got a question… why do you always post sharebee/zshare and only sometimes mediafire which is much more efficient?

  7. the last two posts i used links sent to me. i haven’t re-upped on mediafire yet.
    people complain no matter what i use. if i just go mediafire, people bitch that they can’t listen first (like its a pain to download 3mb FOR FREE and just delete if you dont like), etc…

  8. Shake tellin’ it like it is >

  9. shit bangs!!!

  10. mediafire >

  11. Redman Killed it!

  12. fuckem shake, i prefer zshare lol

  13. They all went in on this! Shit is a real dope song! Can’t wait for the new Method Man & Redman Blackout 2 & that new UGK album! Funny thing is I just got home about an hour or so ago from meeting Bun B at a listening party Bun had here in the CHI for the upcoming final UGK album that drops next week!
    PS-LimeLinx=GOAT you download shit & it gets to 100% download as soon as you click download so it really only takes a few secs

  14. dope.

  15. Garbage.

  16. ^^^
    – – – – – – – — – – Anyways
    Thanks shake for uploading to mediafire also 🙂
    This is DOPE…NO doubt about it!

  17. song is crazy

  18. Usershare is goat but this song is great cant wait for Blackout 2.

  19. Yo shake both links are dead can you please upload again??

  20. links dead

  21. re-upped.

  22. Ill track, no doubt. but i can’t believe Redman on autotune!….why?


  24. ^
    shut the fuck up

  25. This track was produced by fellow Norwegian Nasty Kutt. Shit is ill!

  26. this is sick, red man went in kinda wierd they used a bit of autotune didn’t expect it from them but still sick eitherway

  27. Zshare, Rapidshare or fuckinshare , no matter where u upload it Shake.I was lookin for that song and U the first who got a link that works.This shit dope

  28. straight banger.

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