Babs Bunny – Odds & Evens (Video)

Do I lose points for stating I enjoyed atleast 33% of Too Hot For T.V. when it came out? These days… I’m sure the percentage has dropped. I haven’t put that album on in atleast 4 years.


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

25 Responses to “Babs Bunny – Odds & Evens (Video)”


  2. i bought it to. diddy hyped that shit up though. babs looks like a tan Chelsea Handler

  3. lol chelsea handler is the worst, if she wasn’t fucking the president of E she’d be out of a job

  4. who didnt like too hot for tv?

  5. nah dara. you lose on that one… chelsea >>>>

  6. yo shake i never heard the whole album but they did have “some” good songs maybe i just heard the 33%

  7. That album was decent.

  8. that album wasnt bad, wasn’t great either. i probably liked about 40% of it, the joint wit wyclef was my prolly my favorite

  9. They all had ability. Just didn’t work together.

  10. album was aight but at the time i did feel it. I listened to it like a yr ago off my external and couldn’t even take it but at the time was aight

  11. Bad Boys This Bad Boys That… u just got me watching that video which i knew id remember as the baseball setting. that was the only song i actually ever listened to from it thou

  12. Who’s the top 5 greatest rappers of all time? …….Dylan…..Dylan…..Dylan……Dylan and Dylan….CUZ I SPIT HOT FYAHHH!!!

  13. beat is dope

  14. Its all good shake, i bought it too. It had some good tracks but then the rest….was just yeah.

  15. […] is the original: Babs Bunny – Odds & Evens (Video) Tags: 2009, 2dopeboyz, akon, babs bunny, contest, diddy, escaping arkham, freestyle, Hip Hop, […]

  16. thats right, wyclef playboy…how you gonna choke a legend.

  17. “Too Hot 4 T.V.” Though their whole move into the game was weird their album was really hot. I can not front. I even went platinum plus I believe. Besides it selling it actually was a hot album.

  18. *
    It went platinum plus I believe.

  19. This song is cool though!

  20. This shit is slightly fire…

  21. the video is tite. babs is kinda sexy.

  22. I’ll cosign the 33% of Too Hot for TV. Ness Chopper & Babs had some nice rhymes. and the beats were good. Someone should do a THFTV mixtape were the rap over all the album intrumentals

  23. Hey, this aint so bad man.
    I bought into the Too Hot For T.V. hype.
    I was def a fan of Da Band. But then again I was in jr highschool. lol
    Im in college now… time fliiiiiies!

  24. like this track her. its good to her a femal tha can really rap

  25. and i saw an angel come down from heaven ..holding the key to the bottomless pit..haha man that song was good..and i bout it too for some reason.. the top five rappers are DYLON DYLON DYLON DYLON AND DYLON..argue hahahaha. im gone

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