Big Sean – SXSW Freestyle (Video)

I’m posting this for a few reasons: it’s been really slow in terms of content this week (as if this site’s 30-someodd posts daily posts count as “slow”), and I’m still wondering where the hell this guy’s mixtape is. Wasn’t it supposed to drop in October or some shit? Pros to Cliff Skywalker.


~ by Meka on March 25, 2009.

19 Responses to “Big Sean – SXSW Freestyle (Video)”

  1. is that kanye’s gf in the background?

  2. Yo it’s a blessin to be spittin in front of classic emcees and soon to be classic ones. GOOD music joints be the illest! Shouts to Sean

  3. it dropped. just cant find it anymore.

  4. impressive

  5. Wonder how he feels about Cudi coming in & pretty much taking his “Kanye Protege” spot.

    Oh yeah i found his mixtape for whoever wants it. Just started listening to it. He sounds like a watered down version of Ye.

  6. charles hamilton gotta new joint on his imeem playlist thats FIRE!! see you if you can get a DL link for that…

  7. “put her hands down my pants and now she rockin sean john” dope as hell. nigga went in

  8. is that cudi in the back gettin a haircut?!

  9. aaronValentine i found the like to his new song on illroots

  10. Yeah whatever happened to that UKnowBigSean mixtape?

  11. dope

  12. I’m convinced… the man can spit. Straight up. One of the strongest MC’s on GOOD Music.

  13. lyrically, or at least punchline-wise … Big Sean is prolly the dopest in G.O.O.D. Music … but then again there’s Cons …

  14. […] more here: Big Sean – SXSW Freestyle (Video) Tags: (2)Dope, 2dopeboyz, 50 cent, 9 steps, ali, beyonce, capone-n-noreaga, charles hamilton, […]

  15. Meka’s speaking about the UKNOWBIGSEAN mixtape, not the Finally Famous tape that’s already out there. I’m not sure when it’s dropping – Big Sean has said that he already handed it in to Mick Boogie, and that he’s just waiting on sponsors to handle some of their biz. But from what I’ve heard, it’s definitely worth the wait.

  16. it was dope..but it wasnt a freestle..he said the same shit on a vimby video or some video ..y dont rappers jus go off the top and fuck doesnt look looks bad when you say the same shit twice and when you “freestyle” and niggs can say what your about 2 say. “put her hands in my pants now she rocking sean john” i liked that thou haha

  17. Like ‘Ye’s verse from Maybach that he has “freestyled” likely twenty times…

  18. can’t blame Sean though, he was probably mad nervous in front of common and ye like that

  19. Been bumping homey for a minute. Waiting on the new tape and album.

    I think it’s gon be classic.

    G.O.O.D Music is the label to be on right now yo! Most definitely!

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