Danny! – Just Friends (Live) x Wanderland (D. Swain Remix)

It’s been a good six months since I’ve heard anything new from Danny! And out of no where I get an email saying his single — off his long-awaited (long is an understatement, right dude?) Definitive Jux release — has finally been put up on the DefinitiveJux website! That’s pretty awesome. Those wondering why it took so long for the ball to start rolling, Danny gives 10 reasons on his official DefJux blog. In this post, I’ve included a live version of Just Friends and a D. Swain Remix to Wanderland. Be sure to head over to DefJux and purchase the full single. And look out for Danny’s second single (featuring Mr. Lif) which should be dropping in a few weeks. Check a brief snippet here.

DOWNLOAD: Danny! – Just Friends (Live)
DOWNLOAD: Danny! – Wanderland (D. Swain Remix)


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

19 Responses to “Danny! – Just Friends (Live) x Wanderland (D. Swain Remix)”

  1. Danny! is so dope can’t wait to get a studio version of just friends

  2. Cover reminds me of Busta Rhymes B.O.M.B. album.

  3. Wanderland is so ill

  4. Just Friends is dope as well! I’m buyin’ the whole single right now!

  5. Yeah first time hearin dude…sounds dope.

  6. DANNY! is wicked. Wanderland is my favourite track from ‘ And I love HEr’

  7. […] posted here: Danny! – Just Friends (Live) x Wanderland (D. Swain Remix) Tags: (2)Dope, 2009, 2dopeboyz, ant, busta rhymes, charles hamilton, cover, danny!, definitive […]

  8. bout time! D-swain is dat dude

  9. and WTF at that snippet damn that shit bangs

  10. This Dude Is Dope! Anyone Know Where I Can Download Some More Of His Music?

  11. I just discovered Danny last week, can’t wait to hear his new project. Thx for this

  12. likin what im hearing…a LOT…where did ya find this cat and why aint i heard of him before

  13. It’s cool but not too easily impressed.

  14. Yeah, it’s an okay song but nothing special. I prefer And I Used To Love H.E.R. to this.


  16. Live shit sounds dope. Is there a CDQ studio version?

  17. the music biz needs d. swain

  18. I digs this!

  19. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

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