DJ Premier – DJ MK Interview pt.1 (Video)

I’m about to head out and pick up some (2)dope t-shirts (literally… you’ll see soon enough) so I’ll let eskay explain what goes down in the clip above…

DJ MK and Shortee Blitz of KISS100 out in the UK chop it up with Preemo and Blaq Poet. They talk about his work on Illmatic, Biggie’s shots at Nas on “Kick In The Door” and how he stopped the tape when he heard Big call out him, Jeru and Afu Ra. Recording “One Day” with Jeru, and the time his MPV got stolen while he was visiting Rikers.


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

7 Responses to “DJ Premier – DJ MK Interview pt.1 (Video)”

  1. nice interview..gotta love premo cuz he’s a real as they come. That was an interesting story about kick in the door. Good to see he stuck up for Jeru cuz both Jeru and Biggie were dope.

  2. Sweet! I was just listening to “Kick In the Door” today, it’s my fav. BIG song, and was wondering what the hell went down between him and Premier when he was pretty much dissing him in front of him. Then i get home and here this is!

  3. Premo got stories for days… He should write a book down the road sometime. That is something I would purchase immediately. And dude still had the nicest beats in the game…

  4. what was that beat playing at the beginning from? that shit was bangin’.

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  6. “what was that beat playing at the beginning from? that shit was bangin’.”

    All 4 tha ca$h

    gang starr


  7. I just listened to “Kick in the Door” again.

    Can anyone point out where he’s talking about any of the Gang Starr Foundation?

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