Electrik Red – So Good (rmx) f. Lil Wayne

Do I really need to explain why I posted this? Ok, maybe I do… *looks at picture. Is that enough? Shouts to BoBo.

DOWNLOAD: Electrik Red – So Good (rmx) f. Lil Wayne


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

9 Responses to “Electrik Red – So Good (rmx) f. Lil Wayne”

  1. haha, shake i fuckin feel ya(8)

    – – – – – – – –
    ^^[[Drake]]^^ if uno what im talking about lolz

  2. still waitin’

  3. and Hell naw’ll, you dont have to explain Shit. Am I wrong for wanting the pic more than the music…

    but fck it im not busy I ll put it on the pod

  4. i would fuck em all raw!!!! especially the one in the middle with the yellow…I would face fuck her fasho

  5. […] more here:  Electrik Red – So Good (rmx) f. Lil Wayne Tags: 2dopeboyz, akon, ant, beyonce, buckshot, charles hamilton, contest, cover, def jam, dj skee, […]

  6. I’m LMFAO right now!!! The two in the middle have come along way since they were go-go dancing in the T-dot clubs. lol In fact… I remember my boy telling me how he smashed the white gyal with the lightning speed backshot!! LOL!!!
    No hate though…. I’d still kill all of em!!

  7. i think the bitches from Rich Girl are waay badder than these ones.

    Their music is better too

  8. They could sing off-key all day long if they wanted, I wouldn’t mind…

  9. Loved the original version of the song along with the video! Not feeling this remix to much though & people need to learn Wayne can’t make everything a hit by just being added! He’s by far one of the most overrated rappers out right now! Back to Electrik Red though can’t wait for there album & it’s a real BIG PLUS that they all look as good & fine as they do to!
    PS-Any man who wouldn’t want to fuck or get a piece of all them must be gay or some shit! They all bad but the baddest one I would really like to get is the one in the yellow in the middle and the one in the middle next to her is the next baddest one!

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