Jansport J – The 2 AM Tape (Mixtape)


The cat who produced “Starter Jackets” and “We Made It ’09” on the (2)dope L.A.U.S.D. mixtape just shot over this concept instrumental mixtape. Let me let him explain it…

This project is an instrumental concept album revolving around all of the common characters, events, and thoughts that take place in the middle of the night…2 AM. The album provides a soundtrack to these events, and takes the listener through a journey through the goings on of 2 AM.

Tracklist & link under the cut.



1. The 2 AM
2. The Kickback
3. The Sweet Nothings
4. The Sex
5. The Munchies
6. The Grind
7. The Anxiety
8. The BreakUp
9. The OutLook
10. The Dippin Corners
11. The Pressure
12. The Wyno
13. The Shooter
14. The Get Her Back
15. The Prayer
16. The Death
17. The 6th Hour (6 AM)

DOWNLOAD: Jansport J – The 2 AM Tape (Mixtape) | Sharebee


~ by Meka on March 25, 2009.

32 Responses to “Jansport J – The 2 AM Tape (Mixtape)”

  1. I wanna download it but I already got so much s**t slowing my computer down…I’ll have to comeback =/

  2. ^external’s saved my life

  3. shit was on point thru and thru
    see you on top, brother.

  4. a lot better than Troubled Times

  5. My homie J is on the map

  6. This shit is super fresh. Jansport j is the future…


  7. Jansport J is the truth, 2 am tape is a classic

  8. this album is absolutely disgusting… jansport always brings the real live niggah shit… classic

  9. The WEST is back. With cats like JSJ, this summer SHOULD be on deck fa sho. Now I gotta find out where he got that keyboard belt buckle.

  10. Cali Soul movement in effect! Jansport J…”bring back soul!” if y’all were diggin this, you need to check out The Carry-On Experience as well! Whole tape is nice, “The Choice Is Yours” is the standout tho! download it here:

  11. Definitely one of the dopest instrumental albums to drop in a minute, every concept is done well. Dude’s got some serious heat.

  12. Man!!!!!!!!!!!!! This joint I heard it the first time @2am its sooo dope I really dig the concept and how each track gives paints the scenery to the labeled theme and action definitely one of the best instrumental albums I’ve heard in a long time.

  13. […] more from the original source:  Jansport J – The 2 AM Tape (Mixtape) Tags: (2)Dope, 50 cent, 9 steps, akon, album-cover, ant, buckshot, capone-n-noreaga, contest, dj […]

  14. That shit was dope. Give me more tapes!

  15. JANSPORT J/PROPHIT 2 AM CONVERSATIONS COMING SOON…….J was the first nigga in Cali to show me love and for a NY dude thats real..it was a pleasure to be on Carry On Experience and to have the tittle track @ that you know a NY dude given the tittle track to a Cali producers first tape gotta be all respect..so good looks J for introducing me to the West…peace to the Cove live from Queens..Jansport is the future

  16. Jansport J doing his thing. Ya better not sleep now! Jump on the movement! This shit is a good run through. Word up.

  17. yeah shit was dope yo, might hear me over some of em lol

  18. RAa the producer comin at u to show love. Bench Mob holdin it down 09 to infinity. Keep rockin and we gonna do damage in the industy.

    1 Love
    RAa the producer A.K.A. Bench Mob

  19. nigga ur garbage. dont ever make a beat again. id have more fun listening to fingernails running down a chalkboard.

    but all bullshit aside. shit is fire J. Bench Mob!!

  20. The Prayer = my liiiiife. Go support this dude 🙂

  21. tommy yo….you gotta free up some space to download this album.

    truly a gem! i’m proably gonna bump the sweet nothings right now.

  22. i love instrumentals like they were my childrens

  23. my nig Jansport!
    dope shittttt

  24. this tape is ill, def been bumpin this over the last couple of months…

  25. you already know i downloaded this shit…heat!

  26. AMAZING!!!!!!!!
    and a great concept!!!
    Love this tape!

  27. Jansport J’s unique style is what is this album is all about. One of the most creative instrumental mixtapes I’ve ever heard!

  28. I like the tape a whole lot, esp. “The Sex,” “The Grind” and “The Wyno”…glad to see him getting the recognition he deserves

  29. on his myspace it says he’s from West Covina. Jo Well is from the Cov too! you guys puttin west covina on the map! hell yeah

  30. ^^^

    yessir, me and Jo Well are both from the 626…you’ll be hearin some music from us very soon!

    appreciate all the support


  31. my dude jansport.. the tape is strong brotha.. i see big things on the horizon for us.. can’t wait to hear the next thing coming from out of your studio brah. and whenever that drops, it deserves exposure.



  32. This project has a crazy concept. Get that Carry On Experience too. Jansport’s putting on for the 626.

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