Nero – Cherish Every Moment

Some fresh new shit from the kid Nero. Going in over Kanye’s Say You Will. Now before you start up the Drake, Mickey, etc talk… I advise you cherish this record and keep it on rotation as it will be the last you hear from Nero for a bit as he will be concentrating on his people’s projects and all that jazz (like the TreaZon tape from yesterday).

DOWNLOAD: Nero – Cherish Every Moment


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “Nero – Cherish Every Moment”

  1. you know somebody’s gonna say some shit about it lol

  2. Nero is something serious

  3. drake came the hardest on this beat (TO!)
    this is cool tho

  4. hey shake… you should at least mention Carter along with that list…

  5. he did his thing on this one. something i’ve noticed about some of the artist on this site are that..if your quest or nero or a couple other dudes rappin on someone elses beat its ok, but if any other artist does it like hope or even casey veggies they bash him like “where the fuck is his originality!”..they are all good artist..i love neros lust for life, but when theres a double standard for certain artist it’s fucked up.

  6. 1. I agree with “fuck”…

    2. I think Drake killed it better than Mickey or Nero…

    3. I hope we continue to hear more new cats…this site would be perfect to showcase that!

  7. I definitely agree too. No hate to anybody. Nero goes in. But I do co-sign to hearing more cats (including myself…lol)


  8. does nero have a myspace or something

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