P.O.S. Covers Pearl Jam (Video)

P.O.S. covers the Pearl Jam classic. I don’t think he did too bad a job as Eddie Vedder either.


~ by Meka on March 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “P.O.S. Covers Pearl Jam (Video)”

  1. i like it, i like eddie vedder as a song writer — he puts together great stuff — i wanna hear an honest opinion from the band on what they think of the track

  2. He doesn’t sound like Eddie, but there aren’t many out there that could pull off Eddie. This is cool though. Sounds a lot like the original, while doing his own thing with it. The beat is bangin

    I too would like to see what the band thinks about this. And knowing them, they will comment on this and possibly meet P.O.S. if they hear it and like it. I think they will appreciate it.

  3. is there an mp3 to this?

  4. nice job

  5. need mp3…this is sick

  6. If a CDQ-quality version of this existed, I’d cop download it.

  7. mp3 @ http://midwestbroadcast.blogspot.com/2009/03/pos-why-go-pearl-jam-cover-video-mp3.html

    Share it around! Minneapolis MN all day!

  8. that was dope for real. POS killed it with the keys

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