Sandman – Ms Drama Interview pt.1 (Video)

Ahem… yeaaaaaaaaah Caaaaaannnooooonnn. Now that I got that out of the way… in part 1 with his interview with Ms Drama, Sandman goes in depth about the Re-Up Gang situation.


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

9 Responses to “Sandman – Ms Drama Interview pt.1 (Video)”

  1. A YO SHAKE!!!
    Quick Question,
    Followed Up On Downloadin “Mayor” from Pac Div n I saw in tha Album Column was named “Grown Kid Syndrome”
    Any Clue???

  2. He went in on the clipse, it was all real talk tho. That re up album was extra whicky. how u gonna sell a album that was free 2 download 5 months ago? Sand cannon kept it philly. Respect fully.

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  4. damn sandman got a point on that re-up album…

  5. sandman made some good points throughout. but the fact is, he came up in The Clipse’ shadow, so there he will remain. Look at Fam’Lay…. anyone?anyone?

  6. Number 1 Suppliya is crazy, my stereo awaits Vol.2. Sandman gotta bright future in the game. Its like YounG Buck, he was one of the best spitters and realest dude outta gangsta group and now that he solo he keepin it gangsta!Love it!

  7. if it was’nt for sandman the clipse would still be trying to get of jive records!! he is indeed thee anchor of the group & since he left behind the fake moves…..he’s been out working the clipse 100%!! gianormous..classic!! #1 suppliya classic…i can’t wait for the # 1 suppliya two to drop!! sandman is fucken nutz he always beasted the clipse on every we got it for cheap!! he was the substance…listen to the hooks…on tracks that have a certain vibe…clipse lost 1 forreal!

  8. […] PREVIOUS: Sandman – Ms Drama Interview pt.1 (Video) […]

  9. […] PREVIOUS: Sandman – Ms Drama Interview pt.1 (Video) […]

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