Scheme (Molemen) – Extravagant Lifestyle f. Astonish & Tone Pro

I haven’t posted any Molemen related material lately. That’s gotta change… and we’ll start with this brand new joint from the homie Scheme. Off his upcoming EP, The Manifesto, which will be entirely produced by the Sound Merchants. The EP will also feature guest spots from Astonish, Tone Pro & Jean Grea. Look for it to drop in May! Sidebar: I don’t know about ya’ll… but I’m dying for that new Vakill project, The Armor of God. Anyone have any info?

DOWNLOAD: Scheme – Extravagant Lifestyle f. Astonish & Tone Pro


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “Scheme (Molemen) – Extravagant Lifestyle f. Astonish & Tone Pro”

  1. lol shake, I think EVERYONE is dying for the new Vakill album. He’s been saying “coming soon” for almost 2 years now. Here’s all I personally know, this is from his latest interview:

    ^ A good read, hopefully that means it will be out this year. Definitely gonna be cool to hear the Vakill/Jake One collaboration and getting Crooked I and JUICE on there.

  2. Shake, I saw Vakill’s too busy posting on the molemen message board to be able to finish the album :p


    “we windin down to the home stretch.. nearing the finishline…..this has def been a fun album to record.. we started out on a slow start but once we found the momentum….rediculous.
    we got sum great guests spots on here producer and emcee wise …the vibe of the lp is very hungry and very,very…hard.

    the boy will be back soon enuff…videos and the whole nine..i’l keep yAll updated as the story develops i know it’s been a min but thats becuase i been working

    ..i know yall wanna know who the guests are .. fuck it i’ll give yall one line up

    vakill,nino bless,crooked i and juice .on the same joint…hold that in ya pocket til 09… AOG NIGGAZ

  4. haha.
    i knew i should’ve just said “gremlin… what’s the haps?”

    good looks

  5. Nice Track. Love to see the Go getting love.

  6. […] here: Scheme (Molemen) – Extravagant Lifestyle f. Astonish & Tone Pro Tags: (2)Dope, 2009, 2dopeboyz, akon, astonich, beyonce, buckshot, charles hamilton, contest, […]

  7. Thanks Shake, appreciate the support. To those who took the time to listen hope ya’ll liked the joint.

    As for the Vakill album, trust me, shit’s gonna be dope. Listened to a lot of it already. Ya’ll in for a treat homies. Peace

  8. Thanks for the love yall.

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