Show TuFli – Without a Doubt (Mixtape)

A few days late with this, but I haven’t seen it showcased on that many blogs so it’s whatever. You’d think these guys (DMG) would know more about getting a buzz after following Charles’ Hamiltonization Process. No shots. Anyways… this tape marks the first release of TuFli’s Fox Five Series; in which he will be dropping a new tape bi-weekly. Each tape will pay homage to 5 of his favorite artists. Without a Doubt follows Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt. After the jump I’ve also included some bonus material from Charles & Co.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Breaking News
02 The Prince’s Arrival
03 Anything Else
04 How Can I
05 It’s Quiet
06 Dead Presidents
07 Doin’ My Thang
08 Where I’m From
09 Feelin’ It
10 This Is Not a Love Song
11 Understand Soon

DOWNLOAD: Show TuFli – Without a Doubt (Mixtape)

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Third Letter
DOWNLOAD: Yung Nate – Survive
DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
DOWNLOAD: B.A. – The King Of Cool

Bonuses come courtesy of illRoots & SubConThreads as these will be featured on their upcoming Spring Cleaning mixtape.


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

11 Responses to “Show TuFli – Without a Doubt (Mixtape)”

  1. You know how Nelly (and most other rappers with crews) was never able to break an artist, even after he had sold millions. I don’t see Charles Hamilton breaking that tradition and spawning a crew of successful artists, especially since people are already getting sick of Charles even before he ever drops an album.

  2. ^^ I agree. I’m a CH fan all the way but it’s very hard to put on a crew now a days in music. TuFli is nice though. I like the who DMG squad, but I don’t see them having mainstream success. But who’s to say that’s what they want anyway. Being a celebrity these days is overrated.

  3. this tape is real tufli is dope

  4. Let me guess – the 5 artists he will pay tribute to are Jay-Z, Nas, 2Pac, Biggie and Kanye West.


  6. Lol, Nas, Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, don’t forget Weezy Baby…or Yeezy Baby… hmmm…I hope he does something a little more creative than that.

  7. “Fox Five consists of 5 projects, every 2 weeks from the rising star Show TuFli. Each project’s production will be themed around 5 of Show’s favorite MC’s. The projects will be released in the following order; Jay-Z, OutKast, Eminem, Cam’ron & Charles Hamilton (I didn’t ask him to, dead ass; much love my nigga). Not only does it allow Show TuFli to pay reverence to some of his favorite MC’s, but many listeners will be interested to see what he will do on such familiar music.”

  8. I’ve liked 80% of the Hamilton tapes, but really I haven’t paid much attention to DMG artists (even on Staff Development which was about them). I’m gonna check this out through….that an odd list of music to pay homage to tho, em & kast….good luck

  9. Am I the only one that thinks charles has a style similar to Eminem? But I guess it is a good list with jay, em,kast…cam…maybe… charles? I think that is a little too much for me. I know he’s the leader of your group but…ehhh… that’s like Bow Wow doing a tribute to Jermaine Dupree…

  10. It was his choice to put CH on there. I wouldn’t have because it kind of brings a corny factor too it. Like he’s sucking up and shit. I haven’t checked the mixtape yet, but I hope it’s good.

  11. good stuff, thanks for the download, this guy has got potential to be great!

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