Slaughterhouse – Move On (Video)

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World premier of the official video for Slaughterhouse’s remix of Joell’s Move On. The Kickdrums on the beat, directed by John Colombo. Speaking of the Slaughterhouse crew, they’ll be in SoCal this weekend for Paid Dues 2009! And to commemorate the event, the good folks at FLüD Watches put together a nice little time piece. Hit the jump for the look…


~ by Shake on March 25, 2009.

57 Responses to “Slaughterhouse – Move On (Video)”

  1. Yeaaaaawahhhhhhhhhhh if thats how u spell it haha

  2. this shit was on repeat for a straight hour when i first heard it..

    both the lyrics and sample are mean as fuck, good video too.

  3. This song is dope, but they need to make a video for Wack… That shit’s a monster.

    Shake what you think of the new Big Pooh album? Nothing less is pretty cool

  4. Somehow I missed this track originally, but got it when Wack MC’s came out. Both are BANANAS!!!!!! The other tracks are good but Wack MC’s and Move On have been played several times a day since I got them. These one’s are more like actual songs compared to just spittin

  5. i like it. i always thought the song was extremely dope.

    i think with as much imagery as Joell spit in his verse, they could’ve incorporated that into the vid instead of shots of him rapping on a stage.

  6. Anybody else up in here get that feeling that we are witnessing the start to something special, something historical with these 4 heavyweights together? The chemistry in undeniable…

    If these cats can keep it together, I think we are going to hear some of the best hip-hop in years….

  7. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. too….dope

  9. it feels like the 90’s again

  10. dope as fidididuck!!!

  11. super dope man i wish i was in Cali this weekend

  12. Wow this song is dope

  13. This used to be my least favorite Slaughterhouse track, but it really grew on me, and this is a cool video to boot. Simple and effective.

  14. crooked i> budden> joell ortiz> royce

  15. Hip Hop @ It’s finest.

    Crooked I>Royce>Budden>Ortiz

  16. Whew!
    This makes me feel good about Hip Hop.

  17. video is just as good as the song if not better

  18. ortiz that dude and royce scheme was crazy

  19. yeah good song. funny that crooked had on an angels hat though…

  20. Video is sick, great exposure for the super-group!

  21. dope

  22. Best thing going in hip hop right now

  23. Congrats to all of these guys, puttin in work

  24. slaughter*dope*house

  25. man im so proud of these guys
    finally something poppin off with the real hip hop
    we need this hopefully they will get air play like they need
    this song is just extreamly dope

  26. this song goes so hard.

  27. Is it possible for Crooked I to not completely destory every track he’s on. I’ve listen to every track that I could possibly find of his. And there isn’t one that I can honestly say he didn’t destory! This niggas lyrics, subject matter, and Context. Is above and beyond any artist out. Yeah I said it. If you don’t like it state your opinion, but don’t knock mine!

  28. i wish this got play on mtv,bet,cmc all that shit tho i don’t watch those music video shows anymore because of the fact they don’t play this

  29. video was too long, fuck these dudes. i got shit to do.

  30. Can’t till it offically drops; Slaughterhouse fam is crazy lyrical.

  31. one of the few things in hip hop im currently interested in…now gimme a fuckin album, mixtape or something

  32. “Best thing going in hip hop right now” X 2

  33. […] the rest here:  Slaughterhouse – Move On (Video) Tags: 2009, 2dopeboyz, 9 steps, akon, ant, beyonce, capone-n-noreaga, convinced, crooked i, FLüD […]

  34. fuckin sick…. slaughterhouse= the resurrection of hip hop

  35. crooked>joell>joey>royce

  36. Real simple yet sick video that’s pretty much equal to how dope the song is! Slaughterhouse is definitely resurrecting hip-hop!

  37. anyway to download the video

  38. Anybody know where to purchase Slaughterhouse T-shirts?

  39. This is on the DJ Benzi x Kanye mixtape…Im pretty sure they used this instrumental to remix “Good Morning”.

    “Wake up Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh, Mr. By-his-self-he-so-impressed/
    I mean damn, did you even see the test?/
    You got D’s motherfucker D’s, Rosie Perez”

  40. “anybody know where to purchase slaughterhouse t-shirts?
    Nturn… Go to u can find them there my dude

  41. Dope video for a dope song.

    Slaughterhouse is easily the most exciting thing in Hip Hop right now, ain’t no one fucking with these guys.

  42. CROOKED I is officially the dopest nigga in the game in my opinion!!!






  44. DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. They the reason I still listen to hip-hop

  46. hope they come to van city

  47. beat is gay and sound pretentious as fuck. A shame cause lyrics is tight…

  48. This is crack.

  49. wow
    fuckin dope as fuckkkkkk
    sticky this ontop of the page shake so these kids can see what hiphop is

  50. Best ufckin group in Hip Hop period! This is CRAZY!!!

  51. freal shake sticky this up to the top of the page
    why the fuck is “swag surfin” (WTFFFF) on top this page LMAOOO

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  52. Oh shit, this is so fucking good I can’t even describe

  53. Crooked I went the fuck in….DOPE ass track….actually everybody went in though I goota agree with :sdafasdfsafdmn” for the order.

  54. Slaughterhouse is definitely something special. These guys just seem like they are having a blast doing this slaughterhouse thing. To me..that’s what hip hop should be about. Who could ask for more? Four great lyricists having fun making music and being competitive with each other at the same time. I feel great about hip hop now cause of these guys. Haven’t felt this way in years. Thanks Joey, Joell, Crook, & Royce.

  55. […] via them 2DopeBoyz […]

  56. Ain´t no need to rate the verses. I´m not a huge fan of budden, but even he ripped it on this song.

    now, give me something to pre-order and look forward to

  57. …these things leave people confused
    cuz they know i leave speakers abused, i ether eq’s, i eat through the beat whats the secret i think it’s the shoes…
    crooked i killt that ish like no other. dope

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