A Love Supreme Sessions: The SXSW Medley w/ U-N-I (Video)

Dammit… right when I go and say I’m done with SXSW posts, I get this special video from the homies YO & Thurzday. The above clip is a nice little medley of their performances at the Karma Lounge and the OKP Showcase and  DubFrequency Showcases. The songs performed are their mixtape jam with CurT@!n$ and a cut off their upcoming album, A Love Supreme. I included link for the Vitamin B incase you missed it the first time; and a snippet of Windows to tease the masses (again). YOThurz.com coming soon!

DOWNLOAD: U-N-I – Vitamin B f. CurT@!n$
DOWNLOAD: U-N-I & Ro Blvd – Windows (Snippet)

~ by Shake on March 26, 2009.

18 Responses to “A Love Supreme Sessions: The SXSW Medley w/ U-N-I (Video)”

  1. Dopeness…. =) mad i missed it!

  2. yoooo this song is a hit! windows is gonna kill the women. the beat hits hard

  3. hit the myspace. new beats up.

  4. These dudes are killin it. I’m glad they did their thing at SXSW. I’ve heard great things about their live set down there

  5. yeeeaaman thats what im talkin bout!!!! yall doin it from inglewood to miami to where ever yall travel… keep that shit up

  6. A love supreme is def gonna be worth the wait…see ya wen

  7. Big ups to my boyz YOnas and THURZ! I know you killed it @ sxsw! Shout out to Yonas’ african dance when singin windows! lmao!

    Everyone one better get up on that A Love Supreme joint or else!

  8. Hard work + Talent = The Best Group in Hip-Hop, U-N-I FTW. A Love Supreme 3/31!

  9. Man I heard they had 6 wild shows for SXSW & killed it. I just cant wait to hear this damn A Love Supreme album in a couple of days, my fucking girlfriend put me up on them. Gotta new fan with a girlfriend lol

  10. Wooow this is why you should never listen to some1’s opinion till you find out for yourself. I was told by some wack cats that U-N-I was wack & dont listen to them. Something just told me to watch the video & download the music. INCREDIBLE!!!! Now im back tracking & came across their 1st album. Incredible!!! Cant wait to hear they’re next album “A Love Supreme”. Does anyone know when it drops?

  11. nice edit, loving these boys right now… hanging in for the 31st A Love Supreme…gonna be dizzy….they need to get their backsides to the UK or i may have to come chase them!

    Inglewood City def repped in Austin!
    they outperformed a lot of fav rappers…
    A Love Supreme March 31st Suckas!

  13. U-N-I is the best shit outta LA….

  14. It was a pleasure to rock those shows with you boys… murdaaaaa.

  15. Yesssssssss! March 31st!

  16. Not suprised to see & hear great music once again from U-N-I. I cannot wait til’ the 31st for this album A Love Supreme. I heard a 19 minute snippet of some of the songs & i fuckin jumped out my seat literally lmao. I put money up that it’s gonna make other artist push their shit back

  17. Thank Thank you you for all of the support to everyone above me. To the folks that didnt attend SXSW this year, believe me when I say you would have a fucking ball out there if you go next year. I swear it was like every artist, producer, film crew, labels & etc. all on 1 fucking block ahaha. Shot outs to DRG Film


    When: April 1st
    Where: The Viper Room
    What: Album release party with performances by our family Curtains & Rob Roy

    **1st 20 people to arrive get HARD COPIES of “A Love Supreme”**


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