DJ Class – I’m The Shit (rmx) f. Kanye West [CDQ]

The radio rip is out, but you know we had to bring you the CDQ version. And yes, that photo is still hilarious to me. Props to Legend.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Class – I’m The Shit (rmx) f. Kanye West


~ by Meka on March 26, 2009.

42 Responses to “DJ Class – I’m The Shit (rmx) f. Kanye West [CDQ]”

  1. Kanye’s verse is very good.

  2. got damn power rangers

  3. what in the fuck is this bullshit…

  4. that picture is repelling me from the song.

  5. the guy in the cheetah tights just makes that pic

  6. that girlfriend line kills it.

  7. kanye does have a sick verse but they all look like some fucking homos in that pic I’m sorry but I can’t support men carrying purses

  8. Offtopic sorry.

    Stream new Akon song, tribute to slavery victims; features musician Peter Buffett.

  9. dude in the leopard pants looks like africa baby bam. so it wouldn’t surprise me if thats him and the rest of the crew are all *ahem* suspect. no thanks

  10. i don’t even like the song but its catchy as crap

  11. You americans are so close-minded!!! I’ll see you wearing those leopard skin pants in 5 years!!! You are so behind in Fashion, I dont go anywhere without my zabra-skin pants and my gucci man-purse and bitches loooove me, when they see me rolling in my white Peugot 207!!!

  12. this song is definitely not the shit

  13. I like Ye’s verse, the song as a whole is wack though

  14. who the fuck is the guy in the leopard skin pants?? shit is whack

  15. taz has better style then all of you combined
    dont hate

  16. asher roth live- la di da

  17. Here’s a new track by Travis McCoy off of his upcoming “Death Comedy Jam” mixtape.

  18. Killa BH would be proud

  19. Eurosexual’s comment, LMAO hahahaha

  20. ^^

  21. […] to 2dopeboyz for […]

  22. lmao @ the pic saw it before but dam it is funny as fuck.

  23. […] here to read the rest:  DJ Class – I’m The Shit f. Kanye West (Rmx) [CDQ] Tags: akon, atmosphere, bestofbothoffices, blame it, blu, charles hamilton, clipse, convinced, […]

  24. Eurosexual’s comment, LMAO hahahaha


    Eurosexual has the style sense of Hellen Keller.

  25. i just cant take these dudes seriously cuz of that pic…lol, song is wack tho

  26. Every time I see this pic of Sa-Ra and Ye, I just shake my head. LOL

  27. Royce needs to get on this track…

  28. I don;t know man, Kanye’s whole gettup in that pic looks pretty fresh to me

  29. this pic is f-ing killing me man …there’s so many questions I have for his crew right here ….WOW ..speechless right now

  30. I don;t know man, Kanye’s whole gettup in that pic looks pretty fresh to me

    Steph said this on March 26, 2009 at 9:33 pm


    yea when this was posted as a “Random Act of Fuckery” we agreed that Kanye wasn’t dressed wack but everyone around him was. i think whoever is to our right next to kanye isnt wack either though. but the rest are just hideous and hilarious at the same time.

  31. yeexys shoes are sick tho

  32. Check out the new tracks off of Stoupe’s(Jedi Mind Tricks) new cd Feat. Saigon & Joell Ortiz(2 different tracks

  33. I like The ORIGINAL with Trey Songz and JD better trey killed it

  34. O yeah and any animal print anything dont rock on a man or women.Theres no such thing as a man bag either, dont try to masculate the PURSE by putting MAN in front of it.

  35. Looks like a Shalamar album cover…haha

  36. wow look @ these clowns above ^ The guy in cheetah tights deserves to be punched in a face…

  37. everyone in that pic deserves a swift kick in the nu–

    actually, i don’t think they have any.

  38. @ Eurosexual pour parler de 207 blanche tu dois etre français loooolll avec tes conneries i vont vraiment croire qu’on s’habille comme ça ici !!

  39. […] to 2dopeboyz for […]

  40. Man, dat pic makes me refuse to listen to the song. I try n keep an open mind but this faggotory bullshit in hip-hop has to stop!!!

  41. to the guy saying everyone will be wearing them clothes in 5 years

    have you seen how grandmaster flash and the furious five used to dress????

  42. the thing is none of these niccas would eva sport these clothes coming up in the hood, or they woulda got beat up, now they think we’re cool cuz we got $ lets sport some wack ass clothes. stupid

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