Finale – Jungle Music (prod. Nick Tha 1da)

April 7th, Finale will be dropping his new album, A Pipe Dream and a Promise. And you should already know Detroit is repped hard, with production from Black Milk, Dilla, Waajeed and others. To celebrate the release, Finale is dropping a free mixtape, T.I.M.E., in the next few days. Featuring guest collabos, exclusives & b-sides. Here’s a fresh leak from the tape. Shouts to my man JKim.

DOWNLOAD: Finale – Jungle Music (prod. Nick Tha 1da)


~ by Shake on March 26, 2009.

14 Responses to “Finale – Jungle Music (prod. Nick Tha 1da)”

  1. cool joint. you did your thing Nick

  2. what up on homie’s forehead ?

  3. […] original post here: Finale – Jungle Music (prod. Nick Tha 1da) Tags: 2009, akon, ant, atmosphere, babs bunny, black milk, blame it, clipse, digiwaxx, Hip […]

  4. O crap.. just leaked his mixtape LOL.. he should of known not to give the mixtape to me hehe

  5. I do have to say the mixtape is pretty dope

  6. Seriously though…. What’s wrong with his forehead?

  7. Y’all ain’t got nothing better to talk about except dudes forehead. Come on now a little bit of acne ain’t no big deal. Besides, dudes ain’t rocking no make up on photo shoots from the “D”!

  8. hhahahhaaahhhaahhaha niggas is rocking unibrows

  9. No homo…I love this nigga’s music…him & Invincible rep the D in good way

  10. monobrow and MENTAL forhead acne!!

  11. if his mixtape got joints like this and better, im coppin!

  12. Yo he got the ill forehead, nigga look like the elephant man



  14. Detroit stand up 4 Finale.
    dudes lookin at the brotha 4head, i bet u wont come to East 7mile bitches and talk ya shit! In the D we knock down Cops 4 fun…Google us Murda City

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