In Search Of… Asher Roth (Video)

Dallas Penn goes in search of the rapper known as Asher Roth. Still mostly a mystery to those on the internets and even more unknown to those with no internet at all. At an undisclosed recording studio location in NYC I almost encountered the mythical Asher Roth. I did meet Scooter Braun though so this means I am getting a lot closer to finding out who this dude Asher Roth is.

This is hilarious. DP is always good for some morning laughs. Starting the day off right. Asleep in the Bread Aisle drops 4/20! I’ve given my co-sign after listening to the album, and so has YN. What else do you want?


~ by Shake on March 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “In Search Of… Asher Roth (Video)”

  1. “he got somethin with T-Pain!?” …smh, haha damn this is a knee-slapper right here

  2. oh werrrrd!?

  3. I dont understand why Asher is a mystery. He’s a preppy suburban white boy from Pennsylvania that goes to school down south, loves college, makes good chillin music, and his voice sounds like Eminem. What else do you want to know about a musician that hasnt put out an album?

  4. ^^^
    geez fam well if you had all this info…why didnt you share it wit Dallas before he embarked on his search lol

    funny video…the first one was def. funnier but this one is funny also

  5. this guy is annoying

  6. SMH @ having a song w/ T-Pain making you a credible hip-hop artist.

  7. Dude is hilarious.


  8. Internets! Internets! lmfao…

    Good shit, heard some album snippets in there too.

    I think that was the song with miguel, “his dream’. sounded dope.

    heard the cee lo track in there too.

  9. It’d be nice if you hyped Double Barrel like you’re hyping Asher. But you ain’t getting paid for that, are you? Faggot ass shill motherfucker.

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