Juelz Santana’s “Gay Commenters” Comments (Video)

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I’m not sure if there’s really any way to misconstrue “Anybody that has time to sit and type at they computer might be gay to me. I mean just typing a comment,” but then again I’m just a faceless schmuck in the hip-hop crowd so what do i know?


~ by Meka on March 26, 2009.

18 Responses to “Juelz Santana’s “Gay Commenters” Comments (Video)”

  1. yo I watched this yesterday, and he tried to apologize I guess but he still insulted people who were offended. lol
    I know what he’s saying though. I use “gay” to describe fhucked up situations too.

    he meant no harm

  2. these comments seem to be really doing something to these artist.

  3. i think juelz and jim jones is gay sense they love using that word so crazy and they rock the tighest jeans evermade

  4. i agree with Elz

    any mothafucka sittin here makin slick or hatin comments about another man is real wack to me,its ok to not like a rapper skill wise,but to not like him personally when 9 out of 10 times you dont know him is some ho shit to me

  5. Phew, finally I won’t have to worry about being gay anymore. Thanks for clearing the air on that one Juelz. Nah but on the real, I can’t wait for that mixtape. holla!

  6. how can u be a poet (rapper) and be so inarticulate that you have to use the word gay smh. Thats as bad as ross continually usin the word monkey lol.. Cam’ron >>> Santana

  7. Elz right. I be sayin that too about haters behind a computer

  8. ahahaaahahaahaah some of ya rappers really dont get it. ya literally get in front of the camera, talk ya nonsense, show off ya lame personalities, then bitch if a nigga wanna call you out for your faggoty fuckery. wanna twist it into some “hate” bullshit. shut the fuck up. for you to even address it & make a video shows you a sensitive bitch & we dont need more niggas like you. you better realize that the internet game is paying your bills right now so be grateful. now go make me some more free music you bitch ass nigga.

  9. i think elz is just out of touch with reality. most niggas isnt on the block all day and night or out touring the world or in the studio. we work for eight hours a day. i dont think he understands that

  10. dude needs to articulate. this is really sad.

  11. juelz is terrible.

  12. Check out his video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJo1-fx-s2U

  13. um juelz santanas stylists are gay. they dress him in gay cloths. I will never pay to see a concert of his ever again. That was my first concert i saw was with him. Diamonds are a girls best friend not guys. If i get diamonds they are going to a girl.

  14. […] here: Juelz Santana’s “Gay Commenters” Comments (Video) Tags: 2dopeboyz, akon, ali, bun b, danny!, digiwaxx, dip set, dj vlad, juelz […]

  15. yo really tho this guys career he destroyed it he not even a rapper no more he hasnt put out a hot song in like 4 years ans all he does is put u fuckin blog videos talkin abunch of muthfuckin nonsense wit his byrdbrain cru that non of them r hot… juelz go and get a job b u finished ..lol i mean he bloggin back about bloggers?lol this guy got 2 much time on his hands and dont kno when 2 shut the fuck up.. nobody fucks wit u no more… jimmy album is trash compactor music give up….this is comin from a real harlem guy not a dude who pays nikkas so he could hang out in his own neighborhood…

  16. oh yea and how the fuck is somebody writin there opinion about a topic make them a homosexual person?lol ignorant fuck fool

  17. ^^Thank You Joshua East. I couldn’t agree more. Some of my favorite rappers dedicated songs to diamonds?!??

    When I was younger, I thought rockin’ ice was cool. Once you grow & evolve, you realize MAN places a value on stuff like gold and diamonds. I know they are rare and beautiful, but it ain’t helping you health wise, creating another human being and you can’t take it with you in the afterlife.

  18. What I had meant was….


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