Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver [Full/CDQ]

First, this leaked with an abundance of tags. Then, it got the NoDJ treatment. Now, (for whatever reason) it’s been released in extended fashion. Shouts to the upteen amount of folks that filled my inbox with this (like it’s a Hov x Nas x Premo album or something). Rebirth coming soon never.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver (prod. Cool & Dre) [Full/CDQ]


~ by Shake on March 26, 2009.

18 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver [Full/CDQ]”

  1. Still Sick

  2. damn that would be the dopest album ever

    you know why nas and jays last cds were just ehhh

    bc there was no preemo production

  3. still ass…just being real.

  4. now we know why this album ain’t coming out…

    my god, what was he thinking?

    and I’m upset about people using the excuse “white people would dig this”….yo, white people got taste, too

  5. […] here to read the rest:  Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver [Extended Version] Tags: 2dopeboyz, 9 steps, akon, atmosphere, bestofbothoffices, blame it, charles hamilton, […]

  6. ROFLLL dood said white people got taste too.

    made my morning. preciate that

  7. I’m white, i dig it, but i will NOT buy this shit. Like im gonna actually pay lil wayne to melodically suck a dick. fuck that.

    ASHER ROTH 4/20! Im gonna smoke a J for every track on that album.

  8. you wont buy this shit? realistically, who still buys music.

  9. lol for real ^^^

    white people do have taste…im white and i consider this whole lil wayne goes rock thing garbage

  10. i’m white and this should be replaced with anything slaughterhouse

  11. or self scientific/DJ Khalil tracks

  12. dam 2dopeboyz only got whiteboyz on their site SMH shake & meka r white SMH!

  13. you gotta understand, a lot of white people go to this site, we just don’t speak up bc of ppl like swag who say “SMH” just because we happen to like rap. Prejudice is a bitch, ain’t it?

  14. Oh, and anyone with money who supports artists that they like still buys music.

  15. To be real i don’t even know people with money that still buy albums.

  16. if so many ppl sent u this that should tell u something dick face. im tired of niggas puttin ppl LIKE lil wayne n other ppl down jus cuz THEY (2DOPEBOYZ) dnt like it

  17. Yo, respect to all the white folk here with the honesty! Your insight is greatly appreciated! Something can’t be right if the white folk telling you to put down the guitar LOL!

  18. you mother fuckers would never no anyone was white on this bitch is we didnt say it haha damn who gives a fuck i hope we have some asians and indians up in this bitch. just love the music

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