Where The Wild Things Are Trailer (Video)

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If you grew up as a child in the 80s* then you’re probably just as gassed at this flick as I am. It also helps that the movie’s director also directed my favorite music video of all time, The Pharcyde’s “Drop.”

*And by that I mean if you were old enough to remember what channel Captain N: The Game Master used to come on, used to get Wacky Wall Walkers as prizes in your cereal box and were jealous of Ricky Schroeder in Silver Spoons.


~ by Meka on March 26, 2009.

31 Responses to “Where The Wild Things Are Trailer (Video)”

  1. They Better Not Eff This Up

  2. spike fucking jonze.

    this blew me away. i can’t wait.

  3. i’m a 90’s baby and remember this shit!
    movie bettwe be worth it

  4. I heard the first version Spike Jonze made was “too dark” for children, so the studio made him go back and make another version

  5. Classic book. Jonez supposedly made it very adult. Looking forward to it.

  6. i am soooo fuckin hyped on this, ive been waitin since i heard like almost 2 years ago

  7. @ EnterTheKnows

    I heard that after all of the fuss, the original version is going to come out

  8. thats the happiest thing i ever saw

  9. I grew up during the 90’s i remember reading this in the 2nd grade can’t wait for this.

  10. I wonder how they are going to change like a 20 page kids book into a full length movie, but it looks great! I’m excited!

  11. I heard 80s, so you know I gotta chime in. This is nested deep in my childhood memories, I think that Spike will do it justice, if not *runs finger slowly across throat from ear to ear*

  12. damn. i saw the snapshot and it fucked with me. i remember how the cover of the book used to scare the shit out of me. i watchd the trailer and a touch of those feelings came creeping back. that was some freaky shit. i may have to watch this to get over those issues like people who hop on planes to get over their fear of flying.


  13. fucking butterflies in my stomach.

  14. WOW…Had NO CLUE this was in the works
    Looks exactly the way it should

  15. this looks dope!!i remember this growing up…
    yea the cover was kinda scary lol

  16. i was born ’91 but i still got to read the book when i was young, im amped that they are making a movie for it now.

  17. MADE a movie for it. Actually, it’s been done for a minute or so. As it has been posted, the studio wanted a lighter version so he went back to edit material. The latest news was the studio changed their mind again and decided to stick with Jonez original interpretation. Thank God!

  18. Can’t wait for this movie to come out…

    Here’s a new track by Travis McCoy off of his upcoming “Death Comedy Jam” mixtape.


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  20. i can’t wait to see this.


  22. Mecca,im glad you can at least apreciate some tight shit done by a Jewish author

  23. i’m an 80’s baby and watching this trailer was very surreal to me… I heard about this awhile ago but damn… i’m amazed and definitely watching this when it comes out

  24. I’m an 80’s baby too and I didn’t even know this movie was in production!!! Such a sick book. wow. i’m amazed, thanx for posting that trailer. Brought back some serious childhood memories. If The Giving Tree becomes a movie, that would make my life.

  25. This looks so amazing.. the animations on the wild things are flawless

  26. >Mecca,im glad you can at least apreciate some tight shit done by a Jewish author>

    i can also “apreciate” that not all jews have impeccable spelling as well.

  27. Captain N was dope back in the day, but me and my boys recently watched that shit and it was quite horrible.

    Mega Man had a froggy ass voice, Simon Belmont was turned into an American aviator, Mother Brain from Metroid was a horrible impression of a black woman, shit was just everywhere in the world of non-sense.

  28. i’m 17 and i read this book when i was a baby too!!!

  29. I didn’t grow up in the 80’s but I remember this book as a kid. I’m 18 btw

  30. doesnt matter when u grew up
    if you were ever a kid then u shuld be excited for this movie

  31. Who sings that song…sounds real good!!

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