Children of the Night – Comedian

I’ve been really meaning to post more on these cats, but… well… shit happens. Anyways, if you want their 100% mixtape, just click here. If you enjoy that or already have the tape, enjoy their latest cut below.

DOWNLOAD: Children of the Night – Comedian


~ by Meka on March 27, 2009.

10 Responses to “Children of the Night – Comedian”

  1. I’m liking this track Meka. I’ll have to check out this 100% tape.

  2. COTN…show these niggas how its done.

  3. COTN one of the illest groups coming out of NY, just wait!!!

  4. im really feeling the vibe

  5. real nice group. they have a laid back 90’s feel, but still maintain a current sound somehow. great music.

  6. this track is my shit! waddup to COTN, Prophit, Lloyal, Klep-One!

  7. Yes! And they did it all in the batcave aka Lansky’s crib. RESPECT IT!!!!!

  8. […] here to see the original: Children of the Night – Comedian Tags: 2009, 2dopeboyz, ant, bestofbothoffices, clipse, Comedian, contest, dj class, doom, […]

  9. COTN is doin it. Support good music people. do it like obama.


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