Frieda Pinto vs Lauren London (Video)

Ms. Slumdog Millionaire or Turtle’s girl?


~ by Shake on March 27, 2009.

23 Responses to “Frieda Pinto vs Lauren London (Video)”

  1. LL FTW !!

  2. i gotta go with freida pinto. i love her accent.

  3. LL…fuck slumdog millionaire

  4. turtles girl on the real I would bang it out in the Aston martin anyday true story

  5. Lauren all day that’s my future wifey but she don’t know it yet!

  6. did Turtle even hit it?

  7. fuck all u guys, in toronto we like 3 tha hardway !! 3some for me !

  8. Pinto For Sure.

  9. DEFFINETLYYY Frieda Pinto

  10. fuck all u guys, in toronto we like 3 tha hardway !! 3some for me !



  11. Lauren London easy.

  12. Pinto. Gotta love that accent.

  13. […] here to read the rest:  Frieda Pinto vs Lauren London (Video) Tags: 2009, 2dopeboyz, ali, ant, bun b, ciara, Comedian, convinced, cymarshall law, drake, foc, […]

  14. Both

  15. New New all day!!

  16. Don’t make me choose!

  17. LL was New New but Pinto’s got that New New London is dinner Pinto is desert

  18. What about Luke Grimes fellas? Dont tell me you niggas wouldnt loto get a piece of that ass!!!

  19. ^^^ A gazillion no homos can’t save you now.

  20. LL, chick like Woody Allen that means she got brains too

  21. Frieda

  22. Frieda, Entouage is my shit, Slum is my shit..

    Interesting fact:

    Indian girls are tight, asian tight, if not tighter, enjoy your day

  23. WTF?!
    why the hell are you choosing?
    i’ll do a 3cum i mean threesome

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