Mos Def’s a Fan of DOOM (Video)

I bet a million dollars on DOOM against Lil Wayne.

The Culture Capture Champs catch Mos Def during an Ecstatic studio session, as Mos spits some of his favorite DOOM lyrics and talks about his influences. June 9th is the day. True story… folks sleep on DOOM’s skills too much.


~ by Shake on March 27, 2009.

27 Responses to “Mos Def’s a Fan of DOOM (Video)”

  1. I love this video, just because it shows that hes a legitimate fan of someone else.. I love when artists show love to other artists.

  2. Born Like This already leaked to the internets… it’s SICK

  3. Man, which doom song is that where he’s talking about rap snitches…man im sleeping on doom….SHIT

  4. lol this video is tooo dope, Mos Def knows a lot of DOOM’s lines, a legimate fan not just yea I fuck with DOOM lol…

  5. MF Doom – Rapp Snitch Knishes Feat. Mr Fantastik

  6. nice,good for hip-hop

  7. late.

  8. yeah i need to go back to get some of Dooms’s stuff legally lol

    i remember spendin days on 1 song to understand it… i would make playlist of songs and put them shits on shuffle and repeat.. this motherfucker DOOM is a BEAST…
    but i could never remember the lines unless im listening to that song at that momment
    cuz the mofos flow is sooo weird lol
    long live DOOM

  9. Great for hip hop

  10. MM…Food album. Loved the concept on that album. Glad to see an artist still be a fan and know verses like that.

  11. this video made my day, doom is just on another level with his shit

  12. i am sofa king, retarded.

  13. Doom is my favorite rapper of all times..
    been a fan ever since KMD

  14. Hearing Mos recite those rhymes kinda shines new light on MM..Food for me. I gotta go back and listen to it now.

  15. What up
    To all rappers shut up with ya shuttin up
    And keep your shirt on, at least a button up
    Yuck, is they rhymers or strippin males?
    Outta work jerks since they shut down Chippendales
    They chippin nails, Doom… jippin scales
    Let alone the pre-orders that’s counted off shippin sales
    This one goes out to all my peoples skippin bail
    Dippin jail, whippin tail, and sippin ale
    Light the doobie til it glow like a ruby
    After which they couldn’t find the Villain like Scooby
    He’s in the lab on some old Buddha Monk shit
    Overproof drunk shit, and who’da thunk it?
    Punk try an ask why ours be better
    It could be the iron mask or the Cosby sweater
    Yes, you, who’s screwed by the dude on the CD, nude!

    [we need food!]

  16. mos spit dooms lines nice. i would mind hearing a couple cover songs from mos.

  17. i agree with cannon! gonna go listen to my MM..Food album again. does anyone know what the hell is up with Mr. Fantastik? his flows are sick to me but cant ever find shit on him…? besides on that king geedorah album…

  18. Finally my man doom gettin some love!!!

  19. madvillainy’s my shit

  20. Co-sign what fro said; in fact after watching this vid I’m interested in seeing more rappers cover DOOM’s songs. The lyrics almost sound different coming from such a different voice.

  21. i knew mos was down wit DOOM since i seen that video of him singing rainbows from the madvillainy album

  22. ^and this video can be found where?!

  23. DOOM is that nigga! I remember getting MM…Food when it dropped and actually didn’t like it, that shit grew on me like an infant. Madvillainy, Danger Doom, MM..Food are ridiculous albums. Now if Nas and DOOM can collaborate…


  25. DOOM IS A LEGEND point dot period. Born like this is classic.

  26. DOOM OVER LIL WAYNE? duh. why would you even say that!? =/

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