N.E.R.D.: “WTF is GYT?” (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You’ll find out April 2nd.


~ by Shake on March 27, 2009.

14 Responses to “N.E.R.D.: “WTF is GYT?” (Video)”

  1. Hmm What Could It Mean?

  2. “Gyrate Your Titties”

  3. *does the pharrell dance and demands big macs*

  4. is this nigga rockin capris? smh…

  5. okay im not saying we all gotta wear enyce 46X46 jeans and act like macho beings but can we atleast legitemitely say the rap game is getting just a little gay? just a little? whats next touching eithers cock and saying holla atcha cock boys gang..and then we’ll all say ..its just progressive movements and we must evovle?

  6. ^^ I Guess If You Look At A Guy And The First Thing You Notice Is The Way His Pants Are Fitting On His Crotch And His Legs Then What Does That Say About You.

  7. I personally don’t give a fuck what they’re wearing as long as they’re making good music.

  8. who cares what he’s wearing?

    whatever happened to “doing you” …

  9. Hes not wearing capris, they just rolled up kinda suspect, and I think they’re just hungry because they never got their big macs or fillet o fishes

  10. […] here:  N.E.R.D.: “WTF is GYT?” (Video) Tags: ali, ant, ciara, clipse, Flo-Rida, foc, game, n.e.r.d, […]

  11. who gives a fuck what it means? i know i don’t… much more interesting acroynms worth giving a damn than this one.

  12. go yard trunk..

  13. …Anyway I’m Excited To Hear Some New Stuff, Seeing Sounds Was One Of My Favorite Albums From Last Summer/Year

  14. at least it’s not skinny jeans!!

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