Papoose – Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle

The Geico Lizard jumps on Jenny’s single. Wasn’t this supposed to be bigger than Ballin‘? Na Na Nana Na Na maaaan. Shouts to X on the heads up.

DOWNLOAD: Papoose – Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle


~ by Shake on March 27, 2009.

22 Responses to “Papoose – Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle”

  1. I hate this song by Jenny so much!!!!! And I hate Flex for acting like its hot

  2. yo i didnt even check the song still lmao at that brilliant pic…

  3. y er1 hatin now-a-days. if it suks let it suk. hop off jones dik let him rock. the pic is good tho. pa poose pa pa poose .

  4. Shake allowed to hate whatever the fuck he wants.

    That pic is funny haha.

  5. LOL that pic killed me…

  6. Dope as fuck, Punk ass NIGGAS

  7. Ballin’ wasn’t even as big as Jimmy would like to think it was. The Nana beat is tight but the hook is somehow worse than Crack A Bottle’s.

  8. Ballin basically put jim jones in the record books. The “One Hit wonder” record book….

  9. Shake, do/does (2dopeboyz)/you have a lastFM account ?

  10. damn i actually liked this. ’08 was horrible for Pap,but this track was fire. Pap aint dropped a dope tape since ’06,hopefully this is a sign of good things 2 come

  11. […] the original post here:  Papoose – Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle Tags: 2dopeboyz, ali, ant, blu, charles hamilton, Comedian, digiwaxx, dj class, Downloads, drake, […]

  12. pics cool but why does he have green tea with the tea bag still in it

  13. wow havent heard from papoose in a minute, ya fools for postin that pic tho lol…

  14. u think pap can make a comeback???…hmmmm

  15. Rofl, Geico lizard.

  16. Im fellin this track, check out my blog @

  17. can y’all NMC homos upload that jay z track without tags already??

  18. I remember tracks like hustle hard where Papoose used to spit fire , this is just aight …. i dont know what happened to dude
    hes still la good MC but somethings missin ….

  19. ^You just need to get his mixtapes and listen to them, he’s got an abundance of heat. He can’t keep making one dimension of music, too much of something makes you tired of it, right ?

  20. Pap is like Banks. Maybe he will come back like Banks did recently, but don’t wait on either to drop a sick album or even mixtapes. They might be spittin, but thats all either can do. No versatility or creativity in songs. Fuck these dudes, we got new and better MC’s trying to break through in NY. Saigon is still relevent today without an album so we need his. We need Skyzoo, Joell, Torae, double barrel, AC, KRS/Buckshot. That’s the shit NY needs to be puttin on.

    In the words of Slaughterhouse……
    Mothafuckas, move on

  21. I think he just needs good direction and needs to stick to what he does best…cause dude is real talented, don’t want him to Canibus himself lol

  22. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    he ain’t deep enough or have enough knowledge to even stick around to the extent that Canibus has. Pap doesn’t seem to have any business intelligence either. Saigon learned the business somewhat and had Ronson and Blaze to help him out until he learned the shit. But Sai is a lot better anyway. Pap just doesn’t have anything that makes him special. Same flow on every track. Same gun/law talk. Same old shit, but not as good

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