Tanya Morgan – Live @ SXSW (Audio)

I noticed Von Pea dropping this nice ditty off on his Twitter, so I figure why not share it with the masses? Brooklynati, coming soon. SHAKE EDIT: Those that actually read my posts (clearly Meka doesn’t haha) would know I already posted this. I’ma leave it up though cause it’s crazy dope. Download… now!

DOWNLOAD: Tanya Morgan – Live @ SXSW (Audio)


~ by Meka on March 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Tanya Morgan – Live @ SXSW (Audio)”

  1. Off topic: Shake, any updates on that Kanye x Clipse song?

  2. Dope. Downloaded from the earlier post but complete second the idea of a second posting. this is like a collectors item. WIsh I could have seen it live.

  3. tanya morgan is invincible

  4. TM in this!

  5. […] post: Tanya Morgan – Live @ SXSW (Audio) Tags: ali, ant, bestofbothoffices, big screen, blame it, blu, doom, Downloads, Flo-Rida, tany […]

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