DJ DviousMindZ Presents Scrambled Eggs Season 1 ep.6

The homie Dvious shot this over a few days ago, but getting hit with about a hundred of emails in a few hours will make you forget. Oops.

DOWNLOAD: The Tramps – Rubber Band
DOWNLOAD: DJ DviousMindZ Presents Scrambled Eggs Season 1 ep.6


~ by Meka on March 25, 2009.

13 Responses to “DJ DviousMindZ Presents Scrambled Eggs Season 1 ep.6”


    I do NOT get why this kid keeps showing up on the blog. I held my tongue for long enough. Anyone who makes beats can tell this kid hasn’t been doin it for very long. He samples everything the same, and he only sample shit thats already been done. What kinda sample-based producer doesn’t dig?!

    Look at the comments, he just keeps gettin less and less love. Somebody left a link for download in the c-section of one of the other dvious posts. His shit was WAY more fire than this b.s.! You need to host some battles. Put their shit up side by side, or give em the same sample or something. It’d be better for the both of them, and then there might actually be some redeeming qualities to all these lame dvious posts.

  2. lol right on cue.

  3. Damn straight. Call me a hater all you want, but you still won’t address any of the points i made. Wonder why? Probably because they’re all valid.

  4. You must be not following the whole purpose of the scrambled eggs series. Experimenting with various samples, some of them that have been used.

    What kinda sample-based producer doesn’t dig?!
    As for this comment, it sounds like you haven’t listened to any of the ‘Beat’s I Would’ve Gave’ or the Jo Well mixtape. Of courses he must dig records.
    Don’t get me wrong, I critique as much as the next guy but there’s a thin line between being a critic and a straight hater.

  5. Changes and development come over time. I’m just happy to see a kid’s passion get respected, and hopefully see him development over the months and years.

  6. what’s with the hate?
    The kid’s got beats, some are real hot and some aren’t as good, same as any other producer
    Word to “the other guy,” that jowell tape was fire IMO

  7. Not everything is gonna be perfect and Not everyone is gonna like every beat.
    He has some fire beats , so let him keep doing his thing

  8. actually, every single thing has already been sampled. mp3 digger.. riiiight.

  9. lol @ the MP3 digger jab.
    With all the sampled songs on his mixtapes i doubt they are all MP3’s.
    Anyway as everyone else is saying, not every producer makes songs every time that suits everybody’s taste.

  10. Anyways, i’ve listened to each of his tapes, expecting something better each time. All i’m saying is, he isn’t there yet. Then this other kid’s talking about he’s got better beats, our good friend daddy mack over here asks him to prove – so he does – and what happens? Nothin.

    And what’s wrong with what i’m suggesting anyways? I’m a hater because i wanna see some good competition? because i wanna see if anyone else out there can put up some better beats? fugouttahyea

  11. LOL. I never said the kid’s beats were better. Have fun for your missions tho. 🙂

  12. I know you didn’t – that’s my point. You didn’t say shit. You tell kids to do shit, then you don’t respond. Can you tell me where i said you said they were better???? Fuckin people.

  13. If you guys are so confident in your boy’s beats, da fuck are yall so scared of?

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